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Chapter 5 Vocab

Absorption The taking in of nutrient's and drugs from and liquids
Behind-The-counter Nonprescription drugs that are kept behind the counter and may have limited amounts sold or may require the permission of the pharmacist to purchase
Bioavailability The degree to which a drug or other substance is available to target tissue after administration
Bioequivalence The relationship between two drugs that have the same dosage and dosage form and that have similar bioavailability generic drugs must be equal to the innovator drug as a requirement for approval
Distribution The location of a medication throughout the blood, organs, and tissues after administration
Excretion The final elimination of a drug or other substance from the body via normal body processes such as urine, stool, saliva, sweating, or respiration
Half-Life the amount of time it takes a chemical to decrease by half. The time required for half of a substance to be eliminated or disintegrated by natural processes. The amount in a body fluid decreased by half.
Instill to place into
Legend drugs Drugs that require a prescription
Metabolism The processes by which the boy breaks down or converts medications to active or inactive substances
Over The Counter (OTC) drugs that can be purchased without a prescription
Parenteral medication Medication administered by injection or topically that bypasses the gastrointestinal system
Pharmacokinetics The study of the absorption, metabolism, distribution and excretion of drugs
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