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Vocab 1 - orange


Celebrity A well known person; someone who is famous; fame
Counsel Opinions or ideas given for a plan of action; a talk that leads to a decision; a lawyer / to give advice or offer help
Demonstrate To clearly explain, show, or prove with examples, models, or experiments; to gather in public to support an opinion or cause
Drowsy Ready to fall asleep; sleepy
Essential Of the highest importance, necesary / something necessary or very important
Hardship Something that causesnsuffering or difficulty; a condition that is hard to bear
Haul To move by pulling, dragging, or carting, sometimes in a vehicle; To apply force to transport something / .
Humble Low in rank or position; plain, not proud or grand / to take away ones spirit, power, fame, or independance
Pledge Something such as money, that is promised for a good cause; a promise to fulfil an agreement. / to promise
Sincere Without pretending; with honesty and Real feeling
Stampede A wild rush of animals or people usually when frightened. / to run away or cause to scatter in a wild manner, often in panic, to rush forward together in a crowd
Suitable Just right or appropriate; well matched
Created by: amygor34