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Formal Inspection

What does JROTC stand for? Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.
What does LET stand for? Leadership Education and Training.
What does JCLC stand for? JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge.
What does SAI stand for? Senior Army Instructor.
What does AI stand for. Army Instuctor.
What is the mission of JROTC? To motivate young people to be better citizens.
What is the key to success in JROTC? The key to success in JROTC is teamwork.
What are the 3 levels of distinction that JROTC units can earn? Merit Unit Honor Unit Honor Unit with Distinction
What is the definition of leadership? The ability to influence subordinates in order to accomplish a mission.
What are the 3 leadership styles? Delegative Participative Directive
What are the 7 Army values? Loyalty Duty Respect Selfless Service Honor Integrity Personal Courage
Define Teamwork The cooperative effort on the part of the # of people working together to achieve a goal
What are the 2 parts of a command? Preparatory command and command execution.
What foot do you call the command "Rear, March" on? Right Foot
On which foot can you give command of halt? Either foot.
What is the normal cadence? 120 steps per minute.
How do you read a military map. Right and up.
What are the five basic colors on a military map and what do they represent? Blue=WaterGreen=VegetationBrown=Contour lines or ElevationBlack=Man Made Objects Red=Major roads
Name the five major terrain features on a military map. Hill Saddle Valley Ridge Depression
What are the three types of north on a military map? True Grid North
Define First Aid. The immediate medical care given to a injured or ill victim before professional medical help arrives.
What are the 4 life saving steps? Check the AirwayCheck for bleedingCheck and treat for shockDress and bandage wound
What are the 3 branches of the government? ExecutiveLegislativeJudicial
Who wrote the Star Spangle Banner? Francis Scott Key
What do the colors on the United States flag represent? Blue=JusticeWhite=PurityRed=Valor
What do the 13 stripes on the United States flag represent? The 13 original colonies.
What are the 3 types of American flags from smallest to largest? Storm Post Garrison
Name the 5 basic staff positios found in the most large organizations. S-1: AdminstrativeS-2: Information/SecurityS-3:Operations and TrainingS-4:Logistics/SupplyS-5:Public Information
What is the UCMJ The Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Created by: Christian.Leming
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