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Funeral Merch

Review Questions

T/F The word "casket" is alternately defined as a small box for jewels, which implies that the contents are of a precious and valuable nature true
T/F By the mid-1800s, many professional cabinet makers began specializing in the production of coffins and even offered undertaking as a supplemental sideline to their already established businesses true
T/F Over time, emphasis on the coffin's basic functionality gave way to an increasing interest in the coffin's aesthetics true
T/F The first United States patent for a "metallic coffin" was issued in 1836 to James Gray true
T/F Due to the variation in grain patterns, every wood casket is unique true
What are the differences between hardwood & softwood species? hardwoods are deciduous (broad-leaved), softwoods are coniferous (cone-bearing)
T/F The production of a good quality wood casket will require 130-150 board-feet of lumber, with some units incorporating up to 300 board-feet true
What are the differences between ferrous and non-ferrous metals? ferrous metals are those formed from iron; non-ferrous metals are those not formed from iron
T/F The matte/flat finish is dull true
T/F Cloth that is embossed has designs raised above its surface true
T/F The brushed/scratched finish is the result of a process where bare metal is scratched with an abrasive material and then finished until a smooth high gloss is obtained true
T/F The term "doeskin" generically refers to an cloth-covered casket true
A plated finish is created when a bare metal is coated by another metal via an ____ process electrolytic
T/F The most commonly plated casket components are hardware items true
T/F Doeskin is a heavy, durable cotton fabric with a short nap true
T/F Hammertone or crinkled finishes are applied to more expensive caskets false
The ____ ____ ____ is a casket in which the ogee, crown & pies are formed as one unit with a transverse cut in the cap, forming a two piece lid for the casket perfection half couch
T/F Urnside casket shell design may have either square or round corners true
T/F A shell manufactured in the elliptic style will appear a casket having ends in the shape of a half circle true
T/F Generally speaking, round-corner caskets are more expensive than square-corner caskets true
The gasket is adhered to the body ledge flange; in the case of the half-couch casket, a secondary ____ gasket lies atop the gasket channel found on the foot cap header transverse
T/F A slip-panel cap may be completely removed from the casket true
T/F An octagonal shell design has 6 body panels false
The ____ ____ ____ and the ____ ____ are the most common methods to secure closure of gasketed caskets sliding lock bar & lever lock
T/F Gauge, a measurement of the thickness of metals, is roughly equated to the number of sheets of metal necessary to equal approximately one inch of thickness true
What are the three most common gauges employed in steel casket construction? 16, 18 & 20
Stainless steel is a metal alloy of steel, chromium, and sometimes ____ nickel
T/F Stainless steel is rustproof false
T/F Ferritic stainless steel is often referred to as "400 series" or "409 stainless" true
T/F Non-ferrous metal caskets are distinguishable by weight expressed in ounces per square foot; this expression of thickness is known as the Brown & Sharpe Gauge true
The casket ___ refers collectively to the cap & body of the casket shell
The ____ is the topmost portion of the casket shell & includes the ogee, crown, pie & header cap
The ____ is the uppermost part of the cap crown
T/F The casket "body" is that portion of the casket shell containing the top body molding, body panels, base molding & casket bottom true
T/F The body ledge flange/top body molding is the horizontal portion of the top body molding where the gasket is placed on gasketed caskets true
T/F "Hardware" refers to the bolts, screws & nails used to assemble the casket shell false
T/F The bar is the part of the casket handle which is grasped by the casket bearer true
T/F Cast hardware is formed via the most expensive hardware production method true
T/F The hinge cover conceals the knee brace that supports the open casket cap false
The ____ is the aesthetic covering for the foot cap (of the half couch) or inner foot panel of the (full couch) casket Overlay (overthrow/throw)
The ____ is a component part of the casket inferior which lines the rim (ogee) and surround the cap panel cove (roll/puffing)
T/F The lining attached to the undersurface of the foot panel and/or a component part of the throw which extends downward into the body of the casket is the "apron" true
The ____ ____ is that material which drapes the inside perimeter of the casket body body lining
T/F Depending upon the specific style, anywhere from 12-15 yards of textiles may be used to complete the casket lining true
T/F Crepe is commonly used to line the most expensive caskets flase
T/F "nap" refers to a plush, downy, soft surface texture, like that found on velvet true
A tightly drawn form of casket interior style describes the ____ interior tailored
T/F Linen is a fabric made from flax true
______ is a basic, plain-woven cotton fabric and is most frequently used in the lining of the Orthodox Jewish casket muslin
T/F Backing materials give body and support to the material lining the casket true
T/F The shirred interior is a style in which the material is drawn or gathered in a parallel fashion in a multiple needle head sewing processs true
________ describes a combination of a tailored interior with one or more other styles of interior semi-tailored
A removable & interchangeable item designed to fit into the casket's cap panel is the "_____" cap panel specialty
A case for dead human remains which is wedge-shaped, six-sided and wider at the shoulders than at the head & feet is called a: coffin
Of the following, which wood is classified as a softwood? a. pine b. oak c. walnut d. cherry pine
The lid or topmost part of a casket is called the: a. body b. cap c. header d. ogee cap
Which of the following finishes would be used for the exterior of a wooden casket? a. brushed b. hammertone c. plated d. laminated laminated
The part of a casket handle that is parallel and attached to the body panel is the: a. arm b. bar c. lug d. tip lug
A material used as an upholstery or backing material in casket interiors is: a. masselin b. velvet c. crepe d. satin masselin
The style of casket interior in which the lining is tightly stretched over a backing material giving a smooth appearance to the interior is: a. tufted b. creased c. shirred d. tailored tailored
Of the following, which would be classified as a ferrous metal? a. bronze b. zinc c. copper d. steel steel
The Browne & Sharpe system is used to measure the thickness of what kind of casket construction material? a. wood b. ferrous metals c. non-ferrous metal d. composition board non-ferrous metal
How many inches of extra casket width does the letter "x" represent? a. 1 inch b. 2 inches c. 1/2 inch d. none of these 2 inches
The main difference between a vault and a grave liner is: a. grave liners are not concrete b. grave liners have more decoration c. vaults have liners and sealing properties, grave boxes do not d. vaults are only used above ground vaults have liners and sealing properties, grave boxes do not
The outer container most often used to transport a casketed body is a(n): a. air tray b. alternate container c. grave box d. body pouch air tray
An unfinished wood or pressed wood box without ornamentation or a fixed interior lining most closely describes a(n): a. body pouch b. alternate container c. cremation casket d. Ziegler case alternate container
An are of ground reserved for the interment of dead human remains and having only flush-to-the-ground type markers: a. cemetery b. mausoleum c. scattering garden d. memorial park memorial park
A monument erected to the memory of a dead individual or group but without the body present is a(n): a. marker b. memorial c. cenotaph d. epitaph cenotaph
An opening for an individual casket in a mausoleum a. niche b. crypt c. vault d. tomb crypt
The inscription on a marker indicating the deceased's name, birth & death dates & sometimes other info is called a(n): a. monument b. memorial c. cenotaph d. epitaph epitaph
Of the following, which word decribes the largest division of a cemetery? a. section b. block c. lot d. plot section
Any structure, room or space sued for the permanent disposition of cremated remains is called a: a. memorial b. mausoleum c. columbarium d. cenotaph columbarium
An unlined, gasketed steel container with a screw-on lid is called a(n): a. alternate container b. Ziegler case c. combination unit d. containment unti Ziegler case
The number used to multiply the casket wholesale cost to obtain the casket retail price is called the: a. consumer value index b. profit c. mark-up d. seller markup
The pricing method whereby every casket wholesale cost is multiplied by the same factor is the: a. fixed multiple b. graduated recovery c. declining price d. price progression fixed multiple
The four divisions of casket prices, two above & two below the median, are called: a. qaurtiles b. quarters c. quadrants d. periods quartiles
The fixed stand or support on which an individual casket rests in the selection room is called a: a. church truck b. bier c. casket rack d. casket standard casket standard
The use of portions of caskets displayed embedded in the walls of the selection room is called: a. partial display b. fractional display c. semi-display d. indirect display fractional display
What the funeral provider pays the casket company for a casket: a. casket retail price b. casket markup c. casket wholesale cost d. casket profit base casket wholesale cost
The term 2/10, n/30 refers to a: a. trade discount b. quantity discount c. rebate d. cash discount cash discount
Increasing the number of casket prices (increasing the price range) is called: a. vertical merchandising b. horizontal merchandising c. ranging d. expansion vertical
The method of price quotation required by the FTC is: a. unit pricing b. bi-unit pricing c. functional pricing d. itemization itemization
The ideal number of caskets in a selection room is: a. 12 b. 21 c. 30 d. 51 21
Created by: leahmurphy
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