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Energy 2

root words

-al related to
anti against, opposite
anticyclonic moving in a circle the opposite way of clockwise
-ar related to
auto self
autokinesis an illusion where a light that is not moving appears to move
automatic to operate by itself
bio life
biokinetics the motion of living organisms
biologist person who studies life
endo inside
exo outside
exothermic reaction that gives out heat
hydraulic a machine that uses water pressure to make it work
hydro water
hydrologist person who studies water
-ic related to
-ist person who
kine move, motion
kinesiology study of the movement of the human body
kinetic related to motion
-ology study of
phys nature, body
physics related to the laws of nature
poten power
potential related to power
psychokinesis the ability to move objects with the power of the mind
sym together
symbiotic share life together
therm heat
Created by: karen.wiseman