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Unit Two

What is the Solar System? A sun and all the bodies that revolve around it
What is a Planet? A large body that does not generate it’s own light
What is a Dwarf Planet? A smaller clasifycation of planet
What former planet was recientlly reclasifyed as a dwarf planet? Pluto
What is another name for our moon? satellite
What is earth's position in the solar system 3rd of 8 planets form the Sun
How many miles does it take for the Earth to orbit around the sun? 93 million miles
What is the Earth's path around the sun called? elliptical
How far is the moon from earth? 240,000 miles
What fraction of the earth's size is the moon? 1/4
How many days does it take for the moon to orbit the earth? 29.5 days
What is Solar Energy? refers to the fact that most of the earth’s energy comes from the sun in the form of light and heat
What is rotation? the “spinning” of the earth on it’s axis
What is Revolution? the movement of the Earth around the sun every 365 ¼ days
What does tilt mean? Refers to the fact that the Earth’s axis is not straight up and down but is “tilted” 23 ½ degrees
What is the Tropic Region? regions of low latitude (or near the equator) that receive a lot of solar energy all year
What are the Polar Regions? areal of high latitude (near the north and south poles) that receive little sunlight
What is the Solstice? the two days when the earth’s tilt is at it’s greatest angle toward or away form the sun
What is the Equinox? Earths poles are not pointed at the sun but are exactly 90 degrees in relation to the sun
Created by: Coach Hilton