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Pharmacopoeia I

Ch 6 Herbs that Transform Phlegm and Stop Coughing

Qian Hu *** "Before barbarians" (Peucedanum root) Directs Qi downward and dispels phlegm; Disperses and scatters wind heat NOT for yin xu heat or with cold, thin mucus
Chuan Bei Mu *** "Sichuan province baby's mother" (Fritillaria bulb) Clears heat and transforms phlegm (primary herb for cough, all types); Clears heat and dissipates nodules NOT for problems from cold- or damp-phelgm
Zhe Bei Mu *** "Zhejiang province, baby's mother" (Fritillaria bulb) Clears and transforms phlegm heat; Clears heat and dissipates nodules
Gua Lou *** "Melon basket" (Trichosanthes fruit, whole) Clears heat and transforms phlegm-heat; Unbinds the chest and dissipates nodules; Reduces abscesses and dissipates nodules
Gua Lou Pi *** "Melon Basket Skin" (trichosanthes fruit skin) Clears the LU and transforms phlegm (for unproductive cough with sticky phlegm); Regulates the Qi and expands the chest (early stages breast abscess)
Gua Lou Ren *** "Melon Basket Kernal" (Trichosanthes fruit seed) Clears and transforms phlegm heat; Moistens the intestines; Promotes healing of sores NOT for weak patients, SP xu,nausea, or loose stools, or with Wu Tou
Zhu Ru *** "bamboo fiber" (shavings) Clears and transforms phlegm heat (good for lots of yellow phlegm in LU); Clears heat and stops vomiting (excess/xu ST heat, and morning sickness); for irritability from ST-GB heat
Kun Bu *** "(name of a mountain) cloth" (Kelp) Reduces phlegm and softens areas of hardness (various types of nodules in neck, thyroid); Promotes urination and reduces swelling
Hai Zao *** "Sea vegetable" (Sargassum, seaweed) Reduces phlegm and softens areas of hardness (scrofula, goiter, nodules in neck); Promotes urination and reduces edema
Tian Zhu Huang ** "Heavenly bamboo yellow" (bamboo silica/sugar) Clears and transforms phlegm heat; Clears the HT and settles tremors and convulsions (especially for children)
Zhu Li ** (Bamboo sap) Clears heat, transforms phlegm, and penetrates to the channels; Transforms phlegm heat and stops cough; Best for transforming phlegm-heat; for coma
Ge Qiao (ke) ** (clam shell) Clears heat and transforms phlegm; softens hardness and dissipates nodules; Promotes urination and expels dampness (for UTI, superficial edema, mild); Controls acidity and stops pain NOT for LU xu w/cold or yang xu
Pang Da Hai** "Big Fat Ocean/Sea" (sterculia seed) (mild) Clears and disseminates LU Qi (for hoarseness due to heat or yin xu or overuse); Moistens the Intestines and unblocks the bowels (from heat); encourages expression of rashes
Zhi Ban Xia *** "processed 'half summer'" (pinellia rhizome) Dries Dampness, transforms phlegm (key herb for phlegm from cold or SP xu!), and causes rebellious Qi to descend (chest & middle jiao); stops vomiting & cough with copious sputum; Dissipates nodules and reduces clumps (in chest)
Zhi Bai Fu Zi *** "processed white appendage" (Typhonium rhizome) Dries dampness, transforms phlegm, expels wind, stops spasms (Bells Palsy, hemiplegia, wind-stroke); Resolves toxicity and dissipates nodules; stops pain and itching for W-C-D Bi as well as damp skin problems like eczema
Bai Jie Zi *** "White Mustard seed" Warms the LU, regulates Qi, expels phlegm for cough and cold phlegm, especially when chronic; Promotes movement of Qi, disperses clumps, unblocks the collaterals and stops pain
Jie Geng *** "Orange stem" (balloon flower root) Opens up and disseminates the LU Qi, dispels phlegm, and benefits the throat (for hot or cold phlegm); Pushes out Pus; Opens up and raises the LU qi while directing other herbs to upper regions of the body (as convoy) NOT with chronic cough from xu o
Xuan Fu Hua *** "rotated, upturned flower" (inula flower) Reduces phlegm and promotes the dissipation of pathogenic water (for both warm and cold conditions); Redirects the Qi DOWNWARD (only flower!) and stops vomiting
Bai Qian *** "white front" (Cynanchum root and rhizome) Redirects the Qi downward, dispels phlegm, and stops cough (copious sputum and gurgling in the throat); VERY IMPORTANT for LU qi blockage & stagnation
Zhi Tian Nan Xing ** "Prepared star of the Southern heavens" (arisaema rhizome) Dries (very drying!) dampness and expels phlegm (for thick gummy nasal congestion); Disperses wind phlegm and stops spasms (seizures, vertigo, tetany); Reduces swelling and alleviates pain (bi) - used topically fresh
Dan Nan Xing ** Bile prepared Tian Nan Xing Bitter and cool, for Phlegm Heat with seizures, wind-stroke, tremors. for tough cases and not in initial stage
Xing Ren *** "apricot kernal" (#1 herb to) Stops cough and calms wheezing (both warm and cold, gently moistening); Moistens the Intestines and unblocks the bowels
Zi Wan *** "Purple aster " (aster root) Relieves coughs and expels phlegm; dispersing & draining yet moistening, facilitates urination
Kuan Dong Hua *** "Winter Flower" (Tussilago flower, coltsfoot) Moistens the LU, directs Qi downward, stops cough, and transforms phlegm NOT for Pt coughing blood or pus and blood
Zi Su Zi *** (perilla fruit) Stops cough and calms wheezing, redirects Qi downward, and dissolves phlegm (for when exhalation is more labored than inhalation with stifling chest); Moistens the Intestines and unblocks stool
Pi Pa Ye *** (Loquat leaf) Transforms phlegm, clears LU heat, and redirects LU Qi downward; Harmonizes the ST, clears ST heat, and redirects ST Qi downward
Bai Bu *** "100 parts" (Stemona root) Moistens (not harsh) the LU and stops cough; Expels parasites and kills lice (topical as wash or tincture)
Sang Bai Pi "white mulberry skin" (mulberry root bark) Drains heat from the LU, stops cough, calms wheezing; promotes urination and reduces edema; recently used for hypertension
Ting Li Zi *** "Tingli or lepidium seed" Drains LU, reduces phlegm, and calms wheezing; moves water and reduces edema
Mu Hu Die ** "Wood butterfly" (oroxylum seeds) Moistens the LU, clears the voice; Comforts the LV and regulates Qi; Also used topically to promote healing of ulcerated suppurative sores
Luo Han Guo ** "Men's fruit/result" (Gosvenor's momordica fruit) Moistens and cools the LU; Generates fluids to stop thirst; moistens the Intestines to unblock the bowels
Gua Di ** "Melon stalk" (Cucumis melon stalk) Induces vomiting to relieve phlegm-heat or retained food; Dispels damp-heat and relieves jaundice NOT in pregnancy or postpartum, debilitated Pt, or with hematemesis or hemoptysis
Zao Jiao Ci ** "soap antler spur/spike" (gleditisia thorn) Draws out toxicity, DISCHARGES PUS, invigorates the blood, and reduces swelling (for unsuppurated sores); Expels wind and kills parasites NOT for open sores or during pregnancy
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