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Women's Hairstyling

Ch. 17 Women's Haircutting and Styling

base the area near the scalp at which a roller or iron barrel is placed
blow-dry styling technique of dying and styling damp hair in one operation
blunt cut haircut in which all the hair comes to one hanging level at 0 elevation to form a weight line
circle aka curl; part of a curl that forms a complete circle
curl the hair that is wrapped around the barrel of an iron or roller
graduated cut graduated, wedge, or stacked shape at the perimeter of a haircut; usually cut at 45 degrees
hair molding styling method that uses the head form as a tool to set the hair in a straight position
hair pressing method of temporarily straightening curly or unruly hair by means of a heated pressing comb
hair wrapping method whereby the hair is wrapped around the head for drying and styling purposes
half-off base position of a curl one-half off its base; provides medium volume and movement
long layered cut hair is cut 180 degree elevation to create short layers at the top and increasingly long layers
off-based position of curl is off its base, provides maximum mobility and minimum volume
on-based position of curl directly on its base; provides maximum volume
stem the section of a curl between the base and the first arc of the circle; gives the curl direction and movement
thermal styling methods of curling or straightening on dry hair using thermal irons and pressing combs
uniformed layered cut haircut in which all the hair is cut at the same length with a 90 degree elevation
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