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MGT 300 - Chapter 13


A schedule that requires a consequence to be administered following every instance of a behavior? Continuous reinforcement schedule
The perceived degree to which outcomes and reward are fairly distributed or allocated? Distributive Justice
A theory that states that people will be motivated when they perceive that they are being treated fairly? Equity Theory
A perceived relationship between effort and performance? Expectancy
The theory that people will be motivated to the extent to which they believe that their efforts will lead to good performance, that good performance will be rewarded, and that they will be offered attractive rewards? Expectancy Theory
Reinforcement in which a positive consequences is no long allowed to follow a previously reinforced behavior, thus weakening the behavior? Extinction
A reward that is tangible, visible to others, and given to employees contingent on the performance of specific tasks or behaviors? Extrinsic reward
An intermittent schedule in which consequences follow a behavior only after a fixed time has elapsed? Fixed interval reinforcement schedule
An intermittent schedule in which consequences following a specific number of behaviors? Fixed ratio reinforcement schedule
A target, objective, or result that someone tries to accomplish? Goal
The extent to which people consciously understand and agree to goals? Goal acceptance
The extent to which a goal is hard or challenging to accomplish? Goal difficulty
The extent to which goals are detailed, exact, and unambiguous? Goal specifity
The theory that people will be motivated to the extent to which they accept specific, challenging goals and receive feedback that indicates their progress toward goal achievement? Goal-setting theory
In equity theory, the contributions employees make to the organization? Inputs
The perceived relationship between performance and rewards? Instrumentality
A schedule in which consequences are delivered after a specified or average time has elapsed or after a specified or average number of behaviors has occurred? Intermittent reinforcement schedule
A natural reward associated with performing a task or activity for its own sake? Intrinsic reward
A set of forces that initiates, directs, and makes people persist in their efforts to accomplish a goal? Motivation
The physical or psychological requirements that must be met to ensure survival and well-being? Needs
Reinforcement that strengthens behavior by withholding an unpleasant consequence when employees perform a specific behavior? Negative reinforcement
In equity theory, an employee"s perception of how the rewards received from an organization compare with the employee's contributions to that organization? Outcome/Input (O/I) Ratio
In equity theory, the rewards employees receive for their contributions to the organization? Outcomes
A form of inequity in which you are getting more outcomes relative to inputs than your referent? Overreward
Information about the quality of past performance that indicates whether progress is being made toward the accomplishment of a goal? Performance feedback
Reinforcement that strengthens behavior by following behaviors with desirable consequences? Positive reinforcement
The perceived fairness of the process used to make reward allocation decisions? Procedural justice
Reinforcement that weakens behavior by following behaviors with undesirable consequences? Punishment
In equity theory, others with whom people compare themselves to determine if they have been treated fairly? Referents
The process of changing behavior by changing the consequences that follow behavior? Reinforcement
Cause-andeffect relationships between the performance of specific behaviors and specific consequences? Reinforcement contingencies
The theory that behavior is a function of its consequences, that behaviors followed by positive consequences will occur more frequently, and that behaviors followed by neg consequences, or not followed by positive consequences, will occur less frequently? Reinforcement theory
Rules that specify which behaviors will be reinforced, which consequences will follow those behaviors, and the schedule by which those consequences will be delivered? Schedule of reinforcement
A form of inequity in which you are getting fewer outcomes relative to inputs than your referent is getting? Underreward
The attractiveness or desirability of a reward or outcome? Valence
An intermittent schedule in which the time between a behavior and the following consequences varies around a specific average? Variable interval reinforcement schedule
An intermittent schedule in which the consequences are delivered following a different number of behaviors, sometimes more and sometimes less, that vary around a specified average number of behaviors? Variable ration reinforcement schedule
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