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Data Acquisition

What is the opening of the gantry called? Aperture
What is the typical size of the aperture? 70-90 cm
What is the usual degree of possible gantry tilt? 15-30 degrees
How are the components attached in the gantry? Mounted on a rotating scan frame
What replaced the recoiling system cables on early CT scanners? Slip Rings
What does a slip ring do? Permits the gantry frame to rotate continuously making helical cans possible.
What kind of generators are small enough to fit into the gantry? High-frequency
What did older CT systems used; that have now became obsolete? 3 phase generators
Why do we use a high kV for CT when concerning the life of the tube? High kV reduces the heat: extending life.
How can we intensify the beam and lower patient dose? Using High kV
What is the average kV used in CT? 120-140
What produces high voltage and transmit to the xray tube? Generators
How is the power capacity listed in the generator? Kilowatts kW
Name some cooling systems located in the gantry. Blowers, filters, or devices that perform oil to heat exchange.
What is the material and atomic number for the anode? Tungsten Atomic #74
Using high kV does what in the life of the xray tube? by reducing the heat load
What are the 5 main components to an CT system? 1) Scanning Gantry 2) Xray Generator 3) Computer System 4) Operators Console 5) Physician Viewing Console
What is the gantry? The ring shaped part of the scanner that houses the components that produce & detect xrays.
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