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Implements, tools..

Ch. 6 Implements, Tools, and Equiptment

blades the cutting parts of the clippers, usually manufactured from high quality steel and available in a variety of styles and sizes
changeable-blade straight razor a type of straight razor that uses changeable, disposable blades
clippers electric haircutting tools with a single adjustable blade or attachable blade system; used in freehand or clipper-over-comb cutting to shape, blend, or taper the hair
comedone extractor an implement used to extract blackheads
conventional straight razor a razor made of hardened steel blade that requires honing and stropping to produce a cutting edge
guards plastic or hard rubber comb attachments that fit over clipper blades to minimize the amount of hair being cut with the clippers; or metal shields applied over a haircutting razor for protection
high-frequency machine a machine that produces a high rate of oscillation or Tesla current for the purpose of stimulating scalp, facial and body tissue
hone a sharpening block manufactured from rock or synthetic materials and used to create a cutting edge on conventional straight razors
palming the comb the technique used to hold the comb in the hand opposite the hand that is cutting with the shears
palming the shears the technique used to hold shears in a safe manner whole combing through or ohterwise working with hair
Russian strop a type of cowhide strop that is considered to be one of the best and requires "breaking in".
Set of Shears the manner in which the blades and the shanks of the shears align with each other and are joined with at the tension screw.
Shell strop a type of horsehide strop made from the muscular rump area of a horse and considered the best strop for use by barbers.
Strop enlongated piece of leather or other materials used to finish the edge of a conventional straight razor to a smooth, whetted cutting edge.
Taper comb used for cutting or trimming hair when a gradual blending from short to long is required within a haircut.
Thermal styling tools used to denote types of tools that use heat for the purpose of styling.
Thinning shears removes excess bulk from the hair or to create texture and special effects.
Trimmers small clippers used for detail, precision design, and fine finish work after a haircut or beard trim.
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