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Ch. 8 Chemistry

acid balanced shampoos shampoos that are balanced to the pH of hair and skin
acids solutions that have a pH below 7
alkalis solutions that have a ph above 7
atoms smallest particles of an element that still retain the properties of that element
balancing shampoos designed for hair and scalp conditions
bases also known as alkalis
bluing rinses temporary colors or shampoo products with a blue base used to offset yellow and gray tones in hair.
chemical change change in the chemical composition of a substance by which new substances are formed
chemical properties characteristics that can only be determined with a chemical reaction
chemistry the science that deals with the composition, structure, and properties of matter
clarifying shampoo shampoos containing an acidic ingredient that cuts through product buildup
color-enhancing shampoos created by combining surfactant bases with basic dyes
compounds two or more different atoms of different elements united chemically with fixed chemical composition, definite proportions, and distinct properties.
conditioners chemical agents used to deposit protein or moisturizers in the hair
deep-conditioning treatments chemical mixtures of concentrated protein and moisturizers
dry/powder shampoo shampoos that cleanse the hair without water
element the simplest form of matter
emulsions mixtures of two or more immiscible substances united with the aid of a binder or emulsifier
inorganic chemistry chemistry dealing with compounds lacking carbon
instant conditioners conditioners that typically remain on the hair from 1-5 minutes and are rinsed out
ion an atom or molecule that carries an electrical charge
ionization the separating of a substance into ions
leave-in conditioners conditioners and thermal protectors that can be left in the hair without rinsing
liquid-dry shampoos liquid shampoos that evaporate quickly and do not require rinsing
matter any substance that occupies space, has physical and chemical properties and exists in solid, liquid or gas form
medicated rinses rinses formulated to control minor dandruff and scalp conditions
medicated shampoo shampoos containing medical agents for control of dandruff and other scalp conditions
moisturizing conditioners contain humectants to absorb and promote the retention of moisture in the air
moisturizing/conditioning shampoos products formulated to add moisture to dry hair
molecules two or more atoms joined chemically
organic chemistry the study of substances containing carbon
organic shampoos formulated from natural organic ingredients
oxidation chemical reaction that combines an element or compound with oxygen to produce an oxide
oxides compounds of any element combined with oxygen
pH (potential hydrogen) relative degree of acidity or alkalinity of a substance
pH scale a measure of the hydrogen ions in acidic and alkaline solutions
physical change change in the form of a substance without the formation of a new substance
physical mixture combination of two or more substances united physically
physical properties characteristics of matter that can be determined without a chemical reaction
protein conditioners products designed to slightly increase hair diameter with a coating action and to replace lost proteins in hair
pure substance matter that has a fixed chemical composition, definite proportions, and district properties
redox contraction for reduction-oxidation
reduction the subtraction of oxygen from, or the addition of hydrogen to a substance
rinse an agent used to cleanse or condition the hair and scalp
salts compounds that are formed by reaction of acids and bases
scalp conditioners cream-based products and ointments used to soften and improve the health of the scalp
shampoo removes dirt, oil, perspiration, and skin debris from the hair and scalp
surfactant a substance that acts as a bridge to allow oil and water to mix or emulsify by reducing surface tension
suspensions formulations in which solid particles are distributed throughout a liquid medium
synthetic polymer conditioners formulated to prevent breakage and correct excessive porosity on badly damaged hair
tonic cosmetic solution that helps stimulate the scalp, helps to correct a scalp condition or is used as a grooming aid
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