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Pharmacopoeia I

Ch2 Herbs that clear heat

Qing Hao *** "blue (rising up/ascending hill)" (sweet wormwood) (Xu H) Clears summerheat, Clears fever from deficiency (hot at night, cool in morning, for low grade fever w/residual heat in the body), cools the blood & stops bleeding, **Checks malarial d/o & resolves heat**
Bai Wei ** " White (a kind flower)" (swallowwort root) Clears deficiency heat (#1 herb for xu heat) and cools the blood; cools the blood & promotes urination; resolves toxicity; high fever (postpartum, or cystitis/prostate inflammation)
Di Gu Pi *** "earth bone bark" (lycium bark) (xu H) Cools the blood and reduces steaming bone; Clears and drains Lung heat (dry cough); for thirst (w/diabetes, effecting SJ water regulation - esp upper and middle), hypertension (systolic high),
Hu Huang Lian ** "barbarian yellow link" Clears heat from Xu; Clears heat and reduces childhood malnutrition; Drains damp heat (diarrhea); TB/hepatitis for long term illness with low grade fever
Yin Chai Hu ** "silver barbarian kindling" Causes heat from xu to recede (steaming bone, afternoon heat; Clears heat and reduces childhood malnutrition
Shi Gao *** "stone plaster" (Ice man) Clears heat and drains fire (YangMing, releases exterior & muscle layer); Clears heat from excess from lungs (w/cough); Clears blazing stomach fire (yangming/4 bigs) - qi level, HA, toothache and gum problems For eczema, burns, and ulcerated sores
Zhi Mu *** better "know mother" Clears heat and drains fire (also for empty heat like menopausal night sweats) Generates fluids and clears heat Ameliorates the dryness of tonifying and warming substances
Zhi Zi *** (gardenia fruit, Cape Jasmine fruit) (fire) Drains heat for irritability (from HT heat, stuffy chest, restlessness); Resolves D-H (for UTIs); Cools the blood, resolves toxicity (blood in stools, urine, or vomit); Reduces swelling, moves blood stasis due to trauma (topically)
Dan Zhu Ye *** "bland bamboo leaf" bamboo leaves form Yangtze river area (fire) Clears heat and eliminates irritability (and mouth sores) Promotes urination and clears damp heat (for difficult urination and damp-heat in SI)
Xia Ku Cao *** "Summertime withered" Clears liver fire and brightens eyes Clears heat and dissipates nodules (especially neck and inguinal), also good for nodules with acne or scrofula For hypertension
Tian Hua Fen *** "Sky flower powder" (fire)Drains heat, generates fluids (not primary for fever, for late stage febrile Dz w/heat remaining interiorly w/dryness); Clears & drains Lung heat, transforms phlegm, moistens Lung; Resolves toxicity & expels pus (for carbuncles and sores/abscesses)
Lu Gen *** (root of a reed) (fire)Clears heat, generates fluids (w/out cloying) - not primary for fever; promotes urination; Encourages rashes to surface; Stops vomiting, from ST heat, and stops cough, from LU heat (moistens lung). Also for pneumonia (clear pus from LU)
Lian Zi Xin ** (Lotus heart, the green center) Drains Fire (from Heart and PC) Stops bleeding, binds essence (astringent action) - for spermatorrhea
Jue Ming Zi ** (Cassia seeds) (fire)Clears the LV, eyes; Calms the Liver and anchors ascendant yang; Moistens the Intestines and unblocks bowels; Recently used to prevent atherosclerosis, lowers Blood Pressure (hypertension) and serum cholesterol
Shui Niu Jiao *** "water ox horn" Clears heat, resolves fire toxicity, and COOLS BLOOD (reduced fever) - for heart heat, blood and ying qi level heat, toxic rashes and sores, stops bleeding; Clears heat and arrests tremors (convulsions, especially in children, and septicemia)
Sheng Di Huang *** "raw earth yellow" Clears heat and cools the blood (strongly clear blood heat, but not used for fever) - for late stage febrile disease with yin xu, for skin disorders, rash, psoriasis Nourishes the yin and generates fluids - For constipations
Xuan Shen *** Clears heat and cools the blood - treats rashes Nourishes yin (especially with sequelae of febrile disease) Softens hardness and dissipates nodules
Mu Dan Pi *** (bark of tree peony) Clears heat, cools the blood (rashes, vomiting blood, nosebleeds); Clears xu fire (best w/no sweating); Invigorates blood and dispels blood stasis (MOVING!); Clears ascending Liver fire; Drains pus and reduces swelling (good for acute trauma)
Zi Cao** "purple grass" Clears heat, cools the blood, and resolves toxicity while venting rashes (indicated with purple-red rash, psoriasis. May work topically for poison ivy) Clears damp heat from the skin Facilitates passage of stool and urine
Huang Qin *** (1st of 3 yellows) Clears heat, dries dampness (#1 herb for damp-heat in LI) -break fever; Resolves toxicity, upper burner (heat in lungs w/phlegmy cough, jaundice); Stops bleeding; Calms fetus; Sedates ascendant Liver yang
Huang Lian *** "Yellow connection" (2nd of 3 yellows) Clears heat, drains dampness (middle jiao, intestines) - FAST acting for intestinal distress; Drains fire, resolves toxicity (fever, red eyes, sore throat, carbuncles, abscesses, boils); Clear HT heat, stops bleeding; Topical ointment, mouthwash
Huang Bai *** "Yellow [a kind of tree]" (3rd of 3 yellows) Drains damp heat, particularly from the lower burner (for gout, UTI, thick yellow vaginal discharge, and damp-heat pouring downward effecting the knees and feet); Drains Kidney fire (including from empty heat); Also for xu heat
Long Dan Cao *** "Liver Gallbladder grass" Drains damp heat from the LV & GB channels (upper and lower body)- for deafness, tinnitus (excess patterns), jaundice and eczema; Drains excessive Liver fire - for genital itching, red eyes, HA, convulsions (internal wind)
Ku Shen *** "Bitter ginseng" Clears heat and dries dampness - primarily for damp-heat in the lower jiao Disperses wind, KILLS PARASITES, and stops itching Clears heat and promotes urination (powerful effect on painful urination
Qin Pi ** (pi= skin) Clears heat, resolves toxicity, and dries dampness - for diarrhea, vaginal discharge (binding quality) Drains Liver fire and benefits the eyes Disperses wind dampness - for heat type Bi syndrome Calms wheezing and stops cough
Jin Yin Hua *** "Gold, Silver Flower" honeysuckle flower (also called just Yin Hua) Clear heat,resolves fire toxicity (#1 herb for fire toxicity): Vents/disperses EPF W-H (in Wei qi level, for early stage EPF, with fever, sore throat, etc); Clears damp heat from lower burner; Cools blood, stops bleeding if charred
Lian Qiao *** forsythia fruit Clears heat and resolves toxicity (vents heat especially in upper jiao) - Primarily for externally contracted Heat toxin (Wei qi) with fever and sore throat, best in early stages Reduces abscesses and dissipates clumps (#1 at dispersing nodules)
Ban Lan Gen *** (woad root) Drains heat, resolves toxicity, cools the blood, and benefits the throat (good for boosting immunity)
Pu Gong Ying *** "Hero" (Dandelion) Reduces abscesses and dissipates nodules (and pus) - especially for breast and intestinal abscesses (and breast cancer, mastitis) Clears the Liver and clears the eyes Clears heat, resolves dampness, and unblocks painful urinary dribbling (LIN syndrome)
Zi Hua Di Ding *** (violet) "purple flower son of the earth" Clears heat,resolves toxicity - red swollen eyes, snake bites, sore throat/ears, mumps; Clears hot sores - especially deep-rooted sores for head & back); For cancer; Internal or topical NOT for yin-type sores (pus, without redness)
Ye Ju Hua *** "wild chrysanthemum" Drains fire and resolves fire toxicity
Ren Dong Teng** (but very important) "endure winter vine" (honeysuckle vine, Jin Yin Hua is the flower) Clears heat and resolves toxicity Dispels wind dampness, soothes the sinews, and unblocks the channels Cools the blood - for hot Bi, for abdominal pain due to inflammation, and early or excessive menstrual bleeding, and breast inflammation (mastitis)
Da Qing Ye ** "Big blue leaf" Clears heat and resolves fire toxicity (in both the qi and blood level, strong anti-biotic -viral) - throat pain, mouth sores, disperse nodules Cools the blood and dissipates maculae - Also in combination for acute wind-heat EPF before heat penetrates
Qing Dai ** "Blue (dye)" (indigo, used to dye eyebrows and cloth) Clears heat, resolves toxicity, cools the blood, reduces maculae and swellings - benefits throat, oral sores, mumps; Drains LV fire, for summer-heat, wind to stop tremors; Drains Lung heat, cools the blood (stops bleeding from nose, or vomit)
Si Gua Luo ** (Luffa) Resolves toxicity and reduces swelling (for breast abscess, distention, or lumps, and insufficient lactation) Unblocks the channels and collaterals while dispelling wind (Bi syndrome) - invigorates blood Expels/transforms phlegm
Bai Jiang Cao *** "defeat sauce grass" Clears heat, resolves toxicity, expels pus - especially for Intestinal abscess (if combined may also be used for Lung abscesses) Dispels blood stasis and stops pain NOT for pregnancy
Yu Xing Cao*** "Fishy smell grass" Clears heat and toxin, reduces swellings and abscesses -for really sticky-phlegmy cough (good for pneumonia but doesn't treat the fever) Drains damp heat and promotes urination
Bai Hua She She Cao *** "White flower snake tongue grass" Clears heat, strongly resolves fire toxicity, and reduces abscesses - used to treat cancer and snake bites Clears heat and facilitates resolution of dampness by promoting urination
Bai Tou Weng *** "White hair old man" Clears heat and resolves fire toxicity - for dysenteric disorders, and cools blood (mostly middle and lower warmer for damp heat)
Ma Chi Xian *** "Horse teeth (wild vegetable)" (purslane) Resolves fire toxicity, cools the blood - "for bacillary dysentery with incomplete bowel movements" Clears damp heat and treats sores Antidote for pain and swelling of wasp stings and snakebite Stops bleeding, unblocks painful urinary dribbling
Bai Xian Pi *** "white moss skin" (Chinese Dittany root bark) Clears heat, resolves fire toxicity, expels wind, and dries dampness - sores, carbuncles, and rashes (skin stuff, superficial treatment) Clears damp heat, stops itching - topically for vaginal itching with discharge In "Yin Care"
Tu Fu Ling *** "Earth Fu Ling" (smooth greenbriar rhizome) Resolves toxicity and eliminates dampness - eases the joints, painful urination Clears damp heat from the skin - and psoriasis Also for syphillis
Ban Zhi Lian *** "Half branch/twig lotus" (barbat skullcap) Clears heat, resolves toxicity, invigorates the blood, and reduces swellings - sores, abscesses, snakebite ***Recently used in treating various types of cancer and chronic hepatitis (with ascites) Promotes urination and reduces edema
Ma Bo *** "Horse Rise up" (very active) Clears lungs, resolves fire toxicity, and improves the condition of the throat (Primary action for throat!) Stops bleeding (not strong action)
She Gan *** "Shooting dryness" Clears heat, resolves toxicity, and improves the condition of the throat (primarily to relieve throat and clear lungs) Transforms phlegm and clears the lungs - for obstruction
Chuan Xin Lian ** "Puncture the Heart lotus" Clears heat and resolves fire toxicity - usually for Upper and Lower Jiao. And for skin issues like eczema and carbuncles Clears heat, dries dampness, and stops diarrhea (UTIs) Considered an antibiotic
Shan Ci Gu ** "Mountain nice/kind mushroom" Clears heat, resolves toxicity, reduces abscesses, and dissipates nodules Resolves toxicity, dissipates nodules, and reduces swellings Primarily used to treat cancer patients
Lu Dou ** (mung bean) Clears summerheat Clears heat and resolves toxicity Antidote (for Zhi Fu Zi or fava beans) Use as Tea, powder in ointment
Shan Dou Gen ** "Mountain bean root" (Bushy sophora) Clears heat, resolves fire toxicity, and improves the condition of the throat Clear heat, resolves fire toxicity, and disperses swellings - for abscesses and other toxic sores, Cancer
Bai Lian ** "White___" Clears heat, resolves toxicity, reduces abscesses, disperses clumps, and GENERATES FLESH - to help resolve sore and close up/heal the wounds or burns Used internally and externally for burns
Hong Teng ** "Red vine" Clears heat, resolves toxicity, reduces abscesses, and stops pain Invigorates the blood and disperses stasis
He Ye ** (Lotus leaf) Clears heat, resolves summer-heat, and raises clear yang, stops bleeding
Ya Dan Zi ** "Crow Gallbladder son" Cools heat, resolves toxicity, expels dampness, kills parasites For dysenteric disorders, and intermittent fever and chills Also topically for warts and corns, as paste or ointments (used as last resort because its toxic)
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