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spine voc

clay shoveler's fx hyperflexion of the neck causing fxs of the spinous processes
compression fx collapse of a vertebral body associated with osteoperosis,usually thoracic
hangman's fx fx of pedicles from hyperextension
Jefferson's fx fx of anterior and posterior arches of C1 from falling on head
Odontoid fx fx of the dens
teardrop burst fx fx of the cervical body from compression with hyperflexion
herniated nucleus pulposus-HNP when the nucleus pulposus protrudes through the annulus fibrosus and presses on the spinal cord-splipped disk
lordosis abnormally increased "swayback" curvature involving in lumbar spine
kyphosis abnormal or exaggerated thoracic "humpback" curvature
scoliosis abnormal lateral curvature, most common in young girls
scheuemann's disease kyphosis and scoliosis
spondylitis inflammation of the verebrae
ankylosing spondylitis union of the bones at spinal joints ususally affecting the SI joints and lumbar spine
creatinine nitrogen containing waste products of metabolism excreted by the kidneys.high levels indicate poor filtration
solution uniform mixture of two substances
suspension nonuniform mixture of two substances
radioulucent negative-contrast agents have a low atomic number and appear dark on a radiograph(decreased attenuation)air,gas producing crystals or carbon dioxidebubbles
radioopague positive-contrast agents have a high atomic number and appear white on a radiograph (incrased attenuation)barium sulfate or water soluble ionic contrast media
fail chest fx fx of adjacent ribs in two or more places caused by blunt trauma
pectus carinatum pigeon chest or pigeon breast congenital defect with anterior protusion of the lower sternum
pectus excavatum funnel chest,depressed sternum
osteomyellitis localized infection of bone and marrow;can be associated with postoperative complication of open heart surgery.
ampule small sealed glass container that holds a single dose of parenteral solution in a sterile condition.
anaphylaxis shock caused by hypersensitivity to a drug or other substance that results in life threatening respiratory distress and vascular collapse
bolus concentrated mass of pharmaceuticals
contraindication any condition that renders the administration of some drug or treatment improper or undesirable
extravasation(infiltration) excape of fluid from a vessel into surrounding tissue
vial small glass bottle containing multiple doses of a drug
drugs commonly found on a crash cart atropine for bradycardia benadryl for allergic reaction dilantin for seizures epinephrine for cardiac arrest or anaphylaxis
adrenalin brand name,generic,route,classification epinephrine,parenteral,stimulant
benadryl brand name,gerneric,route,classification diphenhydramine,oral/parental,antihistimine
coumadin brand name,gerneric,route,classification warfarin,oral/parental,anticoagulant
glucophage brand name,gerneric,route,classification metaformin,oral,anti-diabetic
heparin brand name,generic,route,classification heparin,parental,anticoagulant
nitrolglycerin brand name,generic,route,classification nitroglycerin,oral/parental/transdermal,vasodialator
what are the Rights of Drug Administration right drug right amount right patient right time right route
with c
intramuscularly IM
intravenously IV
by mouth po
as needed prn
s without
immediately stat
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