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Pharmacopoeia I

Ch 3 Downward draining herbs

Da Huang *** "Big yellow" (rhubarb root and rhizome) (#1 purgative) Drains heat and purges accumulations; Drains fire; Clears heat, transforms dampness, and promotes urination; Drains blood heat; Invigorates blood and dispels stasis, stops bleeding; Clears heat and reduces fire toxicity
Mang Xiao *** "Long (mineral)" (mineral salt, sodium sulfate decahydrate) Da Huang's helper; Purges accumulations and guides out stagnation (constipation, phlegm/clumping, lactation); Clears heat and drains fire; Clears heat and reduces swelling
Fan Xie Ye ** "Foreign purge leaf" (Senna leaf) Drains downward and guides out stagnation (purgative)
Lu Hui ** (Aloe) Drains fire and guides out accumulations (purgative); Clears heat and cools the LV; Kills parasites and strengthens the ST (Childhood malnutrition)
Huo Ma Ren *** "Fire numb/seed/nut Heart" (hemp/cannabis seeds) (m. lax) Nourishes and moistens the Intestines (especially for elderly, move bowels); Nourishes the Yin; Clears heat and promotes healing of sores
Yu Li Ren ** "constrained plum pit" (bush cherry) (m. lax) Moistens the Intestines and unblocks the bowels; Promotes urination and reduces edema
Qian Niu Zi ** "cowherd seed" (Morning glory seeds) (expellant) Drains water and promotes urination; Drives out phlegm and thin mucus; unblocks the bowels and removes accumulations; expels intestinal parasites and reduces stagnation BUT slightly toxic, not for pregnancy
Gan Sui ** "sweet process" (Expellant) Drains water downward; drives out phlegm; clears heat and reduces swelling ONLY for use with strong patients in excess conditions. Not during pregnancy
Hong Da Ji ** "Red big lance" (Expellant) Drains water downward and drives out thin mucus; Reduces swelling and dissipates nodules DON'T combine with Gan Cao
Yuan Hua ** (Daphne genkwa flower) (Expellant) Drains water downward and drives out thin mucus; dispels phlegm and stops coughing; Kills parasites
Ba Dou ** "Clinging bean" (Expellant) Warmly unblocks and vigorously purges; Drives out water and reduces edema; Breaks up clogged phlegm and improves the condition of the throat; promotes the healing of abscesses and ulcers NOT for use during pregnancy or with weak patients
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