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Pharmacy Law

What is the Orange Book used for? Used by pharmacists to find the FDA's determination that a particular manufacturer's drug is therapeutically equivalent to the brand name.
FMEA Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
What is FMEA used for? To predict the oppurtunity for and severity of errors at various steps in the process.
ADC's Aoutomated Dispensing Cabinets
CPOE Computerized Physician (or prescriber) order entry
RCA Root Cause Analysis
What is RCA? A process that examines the contributying factors regarding why and how an error occured.
MERP Medication errors reporting process
What does a package insert provide? Indications for use, Dosage and administration technique, Advers reactions, Warnings, Precautions, Contraindications for the drug, how to prepare the drug, prpoer storage, avaiable package sizes with NDC numbers.
CMI Consumer Medication Information
What factors in the workplace contribute to medication errors? Inadequate lighting, poorly designed work spaces, inefficient work flow, cluttered work spaces and stock areas, loss of concentration, Improper equipment maintenence, staffschedule, untrained staff, relying on memory instead of checking with a chart.
Why mark open containers with an "X"? To readily identify the container that should be used first
When should you read the medication label? When you remove it from the sshelf, As it is being prepared, As the finished product is set aside for the pharmacist to check.
How many times should you read the label? Three times
What should the recipient of a telephone or verbal order immediately do? Write down the order and read it back to the prescriber.
What is a good general rule to follow for calculations? Question andosage that requires less than 1/2 or more than 2 ot the dosage unit.
How can you prevent calculation errors? Tech-check-tech/ pharmacist checks work, Ask "DOes the answer seem reasonable?"
How are calculation errors commonly made? Wrong concentration of stock solutions, Misplacing a decimal, Wrong conversions, Neglecting to double check, Relying on memory.
Why is the pediatric population particularly at risk for calculation errors? Because many drugs do not come in pediatric formulations so adult formulations have to be diluted or manipulated many times for the correct dose.
If a patient losses faith in the medical community what might they do? Switch Pharmacies or Physicians, Hesitate to seek help for fear of not recieving quality care, Seek nonconventional treatments from out of the medical community.
According to the Harvard Medical Practice Study, what is the main cause of prescribing errors in hospitals? Performance lapses (knowing the right thing to do but accidently doing something else)
Why is it difficult to project data from studies on medication errors? Because of the different methods used to detect errors and the various definitions of errors
What is the Orange Book?
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