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ABG clinical problems

pH<7.35 and PaCO2 > 45 HCO3 Normal RESPIRATORY ACIDOSIS chronic obstruction lung disease
Chronic Obstruction lung disease emphysema, chronic bronchitis, severed asthma, ARDS, Guillian-Barre syndrome, anesthesia and pneumonia
pH<7.35 and HCO3 <22 METABOLIC ACIDOSIS DKA, severe diarrhea, starvation/malnutrition, kidney failure, burns, shock and acute MI
drugs that cause a low pH narcotics, barbiturates, acetazolamide (Diamox), ammonium chloride and paraldehyde
pH> 7.45 and PaCO2<35 RESPIRATORY ALKALOSIS salicylate toxicity (early phase), anxiety, hysteria, tetany, strenuous exercise (swimming, running) fever, hyperthyroidism, delirium tremens, pulmonary embolism, sepsis. If a mechanical vent patient (too much f or VT)
pH > 7.45 and HCO3 > 26 METABOLIC ALKALOSIS severe vomiting, gastric suction, peptic ulcer, potassium loss (hypokalemia), excess administration of sodium bicarbonate, cystic fibrosis, hepatic failure
drugs that cause an elevated pH sodium bicarbonate, sodium oxalate, potassium oxalate
Compensated Respiratory Acidosis pH Normal PaCO2 > 45 HCO3> 26 Leave mechanical vent patient alone. There are no changes to be made they are compensating
Metabolic Alkalosis pH alkalotic HCO3 alkalotic
Metabolic Acidosis pH is acidotic HCO3 acidotic
Compensated state pH is in normal range (7.35-7.45)
uncompensated pH outside normal range and CO2 or HCO3 is normal
Respiratory Alkalosis pH is alkalotic CO2 is alkalotic
Respiratory Acidosis pH is acidotic CO2 is acidotic
Partially compensated pH outside normal CO2 and HCO3 outside of normal
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