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What is a LAN and what are two benefits of a LAN Local Area Network; least expensive and fastest because of less components
What is a WAN and what does it use to link computers? Wide Area Network; it uses telephone lines and satellites to link computers
What is a computer network system? 2 or more objects sharing resources and information
What is a Server? Centralized computer used for storage and retrieval of all information of computers on the network
True/False: Servers have multiple users? True
The Server is the basis/command center for what? PACS
True/False: Any computer can access any image/s for the patient from the server? True
What are standards of communication? required to establish compatibility and communication among all types of hardware/software
Current standards of communication include what? DICOM and HL7
What does DICOM stand for? Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
What does DICOM do? communicate between PACS and other imaging modalities like CT, MRI, etc..
List 4 benefits of DICOM 1- common networks for compatibility with hardware/ software 2- Specific contents of “header” and pixel structure for each modality for interoperability 3- hardware/software compatibility 4- communication between vendors/users for standards of use
What does HL7 stand for and what is it? Healthcare Level 7: Communication between the HIS and RIS. includes imaging, insurance data, pharmacy, labwork, etc..
What does HIS stand for and what is it? Hospital Information System: hospital database that supplies worklist it contains all pt information like labs, prescriptions, orders, insurance info and scheduling of test
What does RIS stand for and what is it? Radiology Information System: Intranet used in radiology to store, manipulate and distribute pt data and images. Comprised of pt tracking, scheduling, reporting, image tracking
What does EMR stand for and what is it? Electronic Medical Record: Either part of HIS or on its own. Contains pts entire medical record. PACS has begun to interface with EMRs to allow more accessible images.
What does PACS stand for and what is it? Picture Archiving and Communicating System; its and electronic version of a film library
List 4 principal components of PACS: Acquisition, Display Workstation, Network and Storage System
True/False: PACS has eliminated many steps required by the technologist once required with film significantly increasing workflow True
Name a few common PACS functions: Navigation, hanging protocols, study navigation, window/level, Annotate, Flip/Rotate, Magnify, Measurements, image management functions
Name 4 advanced functions of PACS: 1- Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR), 2- Maximum and Minimum Intensity Production (MIP and MinIP), 3- Volume Rendering Techniques (VRT), 4- Shaded Surface Display (SSD)
Name 2 advance tech QC PACS Functions: Stitching and Image Processing
What is archive function? long or short term storage of images, records or documents. Most common storage devices include: film digitizers, disks, tapes, CDs, DVDs
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