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Taith Iaith 1 Uned 2


diog lazy
bowlio deg ten pin bowling
pêl-droed football
pêl-fasged basketball
pêl-rwyd netball
sglefrio skating
nofio swimming
criced cricket
sboncen squash
athletau athletics
chwaraeon eithafol extreme sports
neidio bungee bungee jumping
triciau ar feic tricks on the bike
syrffio surfing
beicio mynydd mountain biking
canŵio canoeing
rafftio rafting
cyffrous exciting
peryglus dangerous
chwarae ar... to play on...
y cyfrifiadur the computer
y game boy/ play station /yr XBox the game boy/ play station/ the XBox
y gliniadur the laptop
gwylio ffilm watch a film
gwylio'r teledu watch TV
gwrando ar... to listen to...
gryno ddisgiau CDs
casglu... to collect...
posteri posters
sticeri stickers
stampiau stamps
Dw i'n... I...
Dw i'n mwynhau I enjoy...
Dw i wrth fy modd yn... I love...
Dydw i ddim yn mwynhau... I don't enjoy...
Mae'n gas gen i... I hate...
Dw i'n casáu... I hate...
ar ddydd...
ar ddydd Sadwrn on Saturday
ar ddydd Sul on Sunday
ar nos... on...night
ar nos Wener on Friday night
ar nos Sadwrn on Saturday night
ar nos Sul on Sunday night
ar ôl after
yr ysgol school
mynd adre going home
cinio lunch
te dinner
swper supper
gyda'r nos in the evening
dros y penwythnos over the weekend
yn y... in the...
gampfa gym
ganolfan hamdden leisure centre
parc park
gyda... with...
ffrindiau friends
fy ffrind my friend
fy mrawd my brother
fy chwaer my sister
tîm team
achos mae'n... because it's...
hwyl fun
wych excellent
gyffrous exciting
ddiddorol interesting
sialens challenge
anturus adventurous
Dw i'n mwyhau ymlacio I enjoy relaxing
Dw i'n mwynhau cadw'n heini I enjoy keeping fit
Dw i'n hoffi bod tu allan I like being outdoors
dosbarth(iadau) ffitrwydd fitness class(es)
rhesymol reasonable
gartrefol welcoming
maes parcio car -park
cyfleusterau facilities
siop goffi coffee shop
ymlaciol relaxing
gyfeillgar friendly
peiriannau cardio cardio machines
rhufo rowing
codi pwysau weight lifting
pwysau rhydd free weights
Created by: WelshPolyglot



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