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Stack #193971

cursory casual;hastily done
flippant lacking proper seriousness
anecdote short amount of an amusing or interesting event
charlatan quack;pretender to knowledge
elusive evasive;baffling;hard to grasp
ascendancy controlling influence
confound to confuse;puzzle
expertise specialized knowledge;expert skill
deprecate express disapproval of;protest against; belittle
esoteric hard to understand;known only to a chosen few
discredit defame;destroy confidence in;disbelieve
distant reserved or aloof;cold in manner
benevolent generous;charitable
adversary an opponent
abate subside or moderate
inert lacking power to move;inactive
paltry insignificant;trifling
meander to wind or turn in its place
incoherent unintelligible;muddled;illogical
invert to turn upside down or inside out
mundane worldly as opposed to spiritually
insipid lacking in flavor;dull
impetuous rash;hasty;violent
iconoclast one who attacks cherished traditions
oblivion obscurity;forgetfulness
lethargic drowsy;dull
hardy robust;able to stand inclement weather
pomposity acting like a stuffed shirt;self important behavior
perpetuate to make something last;preserve from extinction
garrulous loquacious;wordy;talkative
austerity sternness;severity;strict;economy;lack of luxuries
tirade extended scolding;denunciation;harangue
skeptical doubting;suspending judgment until one has examined the evidence
receptive quick or willing to receive ideas or suggestions
buttress support;prop up
accolade aware of merit
repudiate disown;disavow
static unchanging;lacking development
sage person who is celebrated for his wisdom
problematic doubtful;unsettled;questionable;perplexing
usurp seize another rank or power
aloof apart;reserved;standoffish
provocative arousing anger or interest;annoying
surpass to exceed
apprehension fear;capture;discernment
defiance refusal to yield;resistance
disparity difference;condition of inequality
founder to fail completely;sink
facile easily accomplished;ready or fluent;superficial
inaugurate to start;to initiate;to install in office
contract to compress or shrink;to make a pledge;to catch a disease
enumerate list;mention one by one
exacting extremely demanding
duration length of time something lasts
indiscriminate choosing at random;confused
gravity seriousness
didactic teaching;instructional
hindrance block;obstacle
impair to injure;to hurt
composure mental calmness
remorse guilt;self-reproach
reticent reserved;uncommunicative
seclusion isolation;solitude
opaque dark;not transparent
misanthrope one who hates man kind
preclude make impossible;eliminate
notoriety ill fame
judicious wise;sound in judgment
intervene come between
magnanimous generous
passive not active
proliferation rapid growth;spread;multiplication
inimical unfriendly;harmful;detrimental
pithy concise;meaningful;substantial;meaty
quiescent at rest;dormant;temporarily inactive
virtuoso highly skilled artist
animosity active enmity;extreme hatred
benign kindly;favorable;not malignant
trivial unimportant;trifling
discrepancy lack of consistency;difference
aberrant abnormal or deviant
chronicle report;record
confront face;challenge
incongruous not fitting;absurd
deride ridicule;make fun of
sanction approve;ratify
sparse not thick;thinly scattered;scantly
ascetic practicing self denial;austere
substantial ample;solid
tangible able to be touched; real
adverse unfavorable;hostile
divergent differing;deviating
munificent very generous
rescind cancel
proximity nearness
paradigm model;example;pattern
ponderous weighty;unwieldy
oblivious inattentive or unmindful;wholly absorbed
steadfast loyal;unswerving
slacken slow up;loosen
surreptitious secret;sneaky;hidden
perturb disturb greatly
torpor lethargy;sluggishness;dormancy
curtail shorten;reduce
vacillate waver;fluctuate
proclivity inclination;natural tendency
recluse hermit;loner
florid ruddy;reddish;flowery
embellish adorn;ornament
insolvent bankrupt;unable to pay ones debt
idiosyncrasy individual trait;usually odd in nature;eccentricity
levity lack of seriousness;lightness
haughtiness pride;arrogance
medley mixture
irascible irritable;easily angered
explicit totally clear;definite;outspoken
genre particular variety of art or literature
inexorable relentless;unyielding;implacable
espouse adopt;support
implausible unlikely;unbelievable
altruistic unselfish;generous;concerned for others
cacophonous discordant;inharmonious
authentic genuine
arable fir for growing crops
founder person who establishes (an organization;business)
comprehensive through;inclusive
acknowledge recognize;admit
dutiful respectful;obedient
dispassionate calm;impartial
converge tend to meet;come together;approach
diffuse wordy;rambling;spread out
degenerate become worse;deteriorate
facilitate help bring about;make less difficult
ephemeral short-lived;fleeting
exalt in rank or dignity;praise
esteem judge;value;respect
discriminating able to see differences;prejudiced
germane pertinent;bearing upon the case at hand
cynic one who is skeptical or distrustful or human motives
fluctuate waver;shift
emulate imitate;rival
conscientious scrupulous;careful
civil courteous and polite;having to do with citizens or the state
diverse differing in some characteristics;various
hedonist one who believes that pleasure is the sole aim in life
implement put into effect; supply with tools
ignominy deep disgrace;shame or dishonor
exploit deed or action;particularly a brave deed
inconsequential insignificant;unimportant
abrasive rubbing away;tending to grind down
tantamount equivalent in effect of value
substantiate verify;support;established by evidence
spendthrift someone who waists money
turbulence state of violent agitation
aspire seek to attain; long for
bequeath leave to someone by will;hand down
advocate urge;plead for
prolific abundantly fruitful
ramble wander aimlessly
retiring modest;shy
sectarian narrow-minded;limited
renegade deserter;traitor
virulent extremely poisonous;hostile;bitter
antagonistic hostile;opposed
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