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psych final question

an example of a cognitive activity dreaming
What's the best way to look at someone over a long period of time Longitudinal
A sharpness in vision visual acuity
What's a psychologist that works with the police forensic
The relationship between smoking and living a long life negative correlation
Someone who acted psychotic back in the old days witches(mental issues)
How do scientists confirm the findings of a study they must repeat
IQ scores are similar to... biological parents
Frequency determines what in a wave pitch
Both participants don't know who gets expirements single-blind study
Classical condition Pavalov(dog)
Smelling a fresh baked pie sensory awareness
What part of a neuron carries the messages away from the body axon terminal
People who sleep at anytime narcoleptic
Alcohol, heroin and codine are... Depressents
A person's mouth watering at the thought of a meal unconditioned response
The increase of violence as violence being in the media observational learning
Endocrine system includes... hormones
A memory that people recall details in great memory flashbulb memory
Sad feelings trigger sad memories state-dependent memory
Example of improving memory through mechanical repetition flashcards
Sudden arrival at stage insight
Not necessarily a factor involved in creativity high IQ
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