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Unit 1 Geography

Population is an example of a social factor (true or false) True
When referring to distribution you must refer to these Pattern, Quantify, Exception
When reading grid references you must read these numbers first Eastings (on the bottom)
A meander is a bend in the river
Most people who worship the Ganges are Muslim (true or false) False, Hindu
The plate boundary along the San Andreas fault is this type of margin Transforming
Is water a component? Yes
Volcanic processes improve the environment by? Creating fertile soil in the surrounding area
Is large amounts of McDonald stores located on major highways an example of spatial interaction? No, spatial association
Does horizontal erosion occur in the upper section of a river? No, that occurs in the middle section.
A distributary is found near the source of the river? (true or false) False, it is at the mouth of the riiver
Created by: VCEGEO