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Embalming Q3

Glossary Terms & Book Notes

blood composition after death 85% capillaries 10% veins 5% arteries 45% solid 55% plasma
contents of drainage blood, blood clots, interstitial fluid, lymphatic fluid & embalming solution
___% or more of drainage is embalming solution 50
which drainage is the most dangerous? initial drainage
__________ can result when too much interstitial fluid is removed dehydration
coagula that are not actual clots, but simply blood inclusions that have congealed & stuck together; can be large & dark postmortem coagula
clots that are multicolored; bottom portion is dark, top is a clear jelly-like layer postmortem clots
clots (such as thrombosis) that form in layers -- platelets, then fibrin, then platelets, etc antemortem clots
Created by: leahmurphy