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Debate mid term


abstract random a judge who is a people person, responding emotionally to a speech
abstract sequential a judge who prefers a rational intellectual speech
acting chain talk, listen,react
analysis results of a study of the elements of a character
blocking movement that is theatricall correct
character blending when a preformer plays more then one character and the character mix
chronological pattern aswering extemp ? by looking at past present future
clincher a pertinent ending to speech
concrete random a judge who makes intuitive leaps and like open possibilities
concrete sequential a judge who prefers a pratical real world speech
cut file extemp files
dramatic timing variety of delivery rates
empathic response pulling audience emotionally into speech
ethos perception of speaker character
incongruity inappropriate
kernel central meaning of impromtu topic
limited prep impromptu speaking
logos appeal to logical side
narrative prose no dialogue in selection
pathos appeal to emotion
personal business gesrues like shaking leg, looking at nails
physical expression use of gestures known for duo
poetry interpretation an interpretative reading of a poem
prose published work w/o rhyme
prose interpretation interpretive reading of fiction or nonfiction
stage pics positions of actors on stage
subject a broad area of possible topics
subtext undelying meaning
tag line final line of scene
unified analysis answering extemp speech with justification
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