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New drugs

geq, brand, MOA, counseling

Question BrandAnswer GeqMOAindicationcounseling
Corlanor Ivabradine Inhibit funny current (If) in the heart CHF- 1st new drug for systolic heart failure decrease HR without causing a drop in blood pressure
ProAir RespiClick Albuterol dry powder Beta 2 agoist, bronchodilator Asthma Do not require hand- breath coordination. But patients must be able to inhale deeply. Ages 12 and up
Miralax PEG ( polyethylene glycol) osmotic laxative laxative less cramping than stimulant laxative
Movantik Naloxegol Opioid antagonist - They inhibit opioid binding in the gut to increase motility...but DON'T affect analgesia. laxative one more bowel movement/week. tab. taken on an empty stomach and stop laxatives
Relistor Methylnaltrexone Opioid antagonist - They inhibit opioid binding in the gut to increase motility...but DON'T affect analgesia. laxative one more bowel movement/week. Injectable. taken on an empty stomach and stop laxatives
Amitiza Lubiprostone prostaglandin E 1 analogue that increases intestinal fluid secretion by activating specific chloride channel in the luminal cells of intestinal epithelium for treating constipation in adult BID Not for patients who are on methadone
Palcohol Powdered alcohol Freeze dried alcohol recreational med mix with 6 oz of water or mixer
Sovaldi, Harvoni Sofasbuvir Antiviral Treating HEP C DI with amiodarone. cause bradycardia and cardiac arrest.
Victoza Liraglutide Glucagone - like peptide -1 (GLP-1 )receptor agonist DM loose weight
Invocana Canagliflozin sodium glucose co transporter 2 (SGLT 2) inhibitor. block reabsorption of glucose by kidney. DM loose weight
Januvia Sitagliptin Dipeptidyl - peptidase 4 inhibitor. inhibit breakdown of GLP and GIP and incretin DM loose weight
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