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2nd semester final

The frequency of a sound is describing ... The pitch
The type of radiation with the longest wavelengths would be radio waves
The type of radiation with the highest energy would be the gamma rays
The type of radiation used to kill cancer cells is gamma rays
When waves are moving you are actually seeing the energy move
The order of the electromagnetic spectrum from longest wavelength to shortest wavelength is radio, micro, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma
A properly lit bunsen burner has A tiny distinct blue triangle
T or F The following equation is balanced Na + Br = NaBr2 False
The law of conservation of energy is Matter cannot be created nor destroyed only conserved
How many carbon atoms are in a glucose molecule C6H12O6 6
How many sodium atoms are in 7Na3PO4 21
When you add the charges of a compound, what should they equal 0
In a chemical formula, the products are found where the right side of the equation after the arrow
what are the 7 diatomic elements H2 N2 F2 O2 I2 Cl2 Br2
When two or more substances combine to make one substance it is called a synthesis reaction
T or F I am going to rock this test True of course
Current is equal to voltage difference divided by the resistance Ohm's law
A circuit that only allows one path for electrons to flow series
A circuit with two or more paths to flow parallel
a material to which electrons do not flow easily insulator
like charges __________ one another repel
where does an object have the most potential energy At its highest point
ANY Energy in motion is known as Kinetic enregy
The equation for potential energy PE=mgh
The equation for kinetic energy is KE=1/2mv^2
Waves that move along the medium, such as a slinky, compressional
Waves that move perpendicular to the medium are transverse
the amplitude of a wave is describing the energy in the wave
A one time spark or discharge of electrons is known as static electricity
a continuous flow of electrons is known as dynamic electricity
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