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Restorative Art Q3


Skin slip would be due to a. injury b. disease c. post mortem changes d. none of these post mortem changes
Of the following, which restorative procedure would be performed before arterial injection? a. maintaining feature correction b. puncture of blisters c. excision of tissue d. restoring missing limbs puncture of blisters
What kind of wax would normally be used for minor lip repair? a. soft b. medium c. firm d. paraffin soft
Of the following, how can a wax be permanently softened? a. mixing it with cream cosmetic b. refrigerating it c. mixing it with a powder cosmetic d. warming it in your hand mixing it with cream cosmetic
Internal tissue building is done: a. before embalming b. during embalming c. after embalming d. never during embalming
The yellow discoloration of the skin due to jaundice is due to: a. injury b. disease c. postmortem tissue changes d. evil spirits disease
Which of the following statements is true? a. wax can be applied on top of loose powder cosmetic b. wax can be applied on top of cream cosmetic c. cream cosmetic can only be applied on top of wax d. cream cosmetic can never be mixed with wax cream cosmetic can only be applied on top of wax, not under it
Which of the following waxes are normally applied on top of a basketweave stitch? a. soft b. medium c. firm d. beeswex medium
Excision of tissue in preparation for a wax restoration may be necessary due to a. injury b. disease c. postmortem tissue changes d. all of the above all
In order for wax to adhere to embalmed human tissue, the tissue must be a. desicatted b. soft and moist c. firm and dry d none of the above firm & dry
Over which of the following bleaching techniques does the embalmer have the most control? a. hypodermic injection b. topical or surface packs c. the brush-on technique using phenol d. arterial injection of an arterial containing staining dyes topical or surface packs
The type of lesion caused by friction against a hard surface is called a. an abrasion b. a laceration c. a burn d. a dessication an abrasion
Which kind of burn is the only one that can occur after death? a. 1st b. 2nd c. 3rd d. superficial 3rd
External tissue building is used to treat what condition? a. dehydration b. extravascular blood discoloration c. emaciation d. edema emaciation
Of the following, which is classified as an intravascular blood discoloration? a. petechiae b. hematoma c. postmortem blood stain d. livor mortis livor mortis
Of the following, which site of injection can be used to tissue-build the anterior cheek? a. from behind the ear b. at the hair of the crown c. from within the nostril d. fro the anterior part of the helix of the ear from within the nostril
The type of lesion that can best be described as a tearing of flesh is a. abrasion b. laceration c. burn d. desiccation laceration
What type of suture is most often used in conjunction with a wax restoration? a. worm stitch b. basketball stitch c. continual glover's stitch d. interdermal stitich interdermal stitich
In the gauge method of sixing hypodermic needle, the higher the gauge number, the ____ the needle a. narrower b. wider c. longer d. shorter narrower
Edema is a consequence of what kind of burn? a. 1st b. 2nd c. 3rd d. full thickness 2nd
To reconstruct an eyebrow, the hair should be attached using: wax
A fracture that does not pierce the skin is classified as: simple
To secure a decapitated head to the torso, a dowel is inserted into: the foramen magnum
When the eyeball has been removed for eye enucleation, before arterial embalming the eyesocket should be packed with: cotton soaked with autopsy gel
In the eyebrow, the direction of hair growth is upward & outward at: the head
A technique known as "wiring on the diagonal" may be used to correct: a misaligned mandible
If available, the best source of hair for a restoration is: hair from the back of the head of the deceased
Assuming all the following bones of the skull are damaged, which bone would be the best to begin the restoration? a. frontal b. nasal c. zygomatic d. mandible mandible
Of the following, which embalming complication is most likely to be caused by decapitation? a. edema b. damage to blood vessels c. dehydration d. severe rigor mortis damage to blood vessels
Created by: leahmurphy
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