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Special Procedures19

Bontrager Ch 19- special radiographic procedures

What classification of joints are studied with arthrography? synovial joints
List 3 common forms of knee injuries that require arthrography: Tears of menisci, tears of joint capsule, tears of ligaments
Give an example of a nontraumatic knee pathology indicating arthrography: Bakers Cyst
True/False: an arthrogram must be approached as a sterile procedure. Proper skin prep and sterility must be maintained. True
True/False: Once the contrast medium is introduced into the knee joint, the knee must not be flexed or exercised. False- must be flexed to distribute contrast media
What are two primary contradictions for arthrography of any joint? Allergic reaction to iodine based contrast media and allergic reaction to local anesthetics
What are 2 types of contrast media used for a knee arthrogram: Positive/Radiopaque AND negative like room air
List two projections for conventional knee arthrogram: AP and Lateral
what is the general name for the conjoined tendons of the four major shoulder muscles? Rotator Cuff
List three clinical indications for a shoulder arthrogram: Chronic pain, general weakness, suspected tear in rotator cuff
List six projections frequently taken during a shoulder arthrogram: AP Scout, AP Internal, AP external, Greshey, transaxillary, interteburcular groove
Post operative (T-Tube) cholangiograms are usually performed to detect: Biliary stones
Which two blood values must be checked before a postoperative (T-tube) cholangiogram? BUN and creatine
A radiographic procedure of examining the biliary and main pancreatic ducts is called a(n): Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatogram (SPELLING)
What type of special endoscope is commonly used for an ERCP? Duodenoscope / video endoscope
Which member of the health care team usually performs an ERCP? Gasteroenterologist
Why should a patient remain NPO for at least 1 hour after this procedure? prevent aspiration of food or liquid into lungs
which condition of the pancreas may contraindicate a direct injection into the biliary ducts? pseudocyst
The hysterosalpingogram is a radiographic study of the ................... and .......................... Uterus and uterine tubes
List the four divisions of the uterus. which is the largest Fundus, Corpus/body, Isthmus and Cervix. Corpus or Body is the largest
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