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cy lakes w. geo(1)

cy lakes fal semester review w. geo

A major city can be found on the map at 30N 96W. This describes its Absolute location
The Gulf Coast area is an example of which of the five themes of geography? Region
the distribution and interaction of the Earth's physical amd human features geography
the most important question geographers's ask is where
countries east of the Prime Meridian are in which hemisphere eastern hempisphere
a three dimensional representation of the earth globe
latitude is the measure of distance of North and South of the... equator
a type of map that show's the earth's physical features such as mountains, rivers, plains, and lakes physical map
type of map that shows how humans have divided the surface of the earth into countries, states, and cities political map
type of map that shows the population density of an area thematic map
total of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors shared by and passes on by the members of the group culture
spread of ideas, inventions, or patterns of behaviors diffusion
type of governement system where the king and queen rule the land and the people Monarchy
type of economic system where the governemnt controls all of the economic decisions in the nation Command economy
type of government where the people have the opportunity to elect representatives to male laws for the people democracy
type of economic systemn where the people in the nation have the freedom to buy or sell a product with few to no government restrictions free enerprise
moving pieces under the Earth's surface that form the earth's surface that form the earth's crust are called tectonic plactes
the boundary along the pacific ocean is referred to as the ____ because of all the physical activity sauch asn volcanos and earthquakes Ring of Fire
most large cities of the world are located ... near water
What bodies of water do Canada and the US depend on for trade routes? The Great Lakes
The US is able to feed itself and export food becasue of what advantages? The nation has a variety of climates and rich soils.
New Orleans and Houston are both port cities and therefore are >>> Break of Bulk centers
Canada is not evenly populated because few people live in the harsh climate regions of the north
Why do people in Quebec feel seperated from the rest of Canad French is their first language
The Louisiana Purchase set the stage for western expansion
the most important north-south transportion route in the US is the Mississippi
Water transportation - railroad transportation- ????? Highway Transportation
Polders are an example of which theme of geography HEI
What does HEI stand for--- Human Environmental Interaction
Why did Europe want to colonize all over the world to get raw materials and new markets
What three countries formed the first trade union in Europe Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
What is the purpose of the European Union compete econo,ically with US and Japan
Name given to the seperation between democratic Western Europe and communist Eastder Europe was called Iron Curtanin
the process of a region breaking into smaller hostile units balkanization
the conflict in Northern Ireland was primarily over differences about what Religion
Which European coutry acquired the most colonies around the world England
The dividing line between Europe and Asia Ural Mountains
Reason many agriculture areas are located on the Northern European plains teh abundance of Chernozem
Region of frigid temps and massive land is known as Siberia
the nation formed by the Communists Party in 1922 was known as Union of Soviet Socialists Republics
The conflict between the US and the Soviet Union was called Cold War
Permanently frozen subsoil in Siberia permafrost
What resource does Russia want in the Caucasus region oil
The disaster at Chernobyl nuclear plant was proof that the reactors were the reactors were poorly built
the physical and human geography of the Aral Sea were effected by the Soviets ... economic policies
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