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Studying Geography

Stack #193215

What is Geography? The study of the earth’s surface
What is Phycial Geography? The study of land formations, climate, vegetation and soil
What is Human Geography? How living things interact with their environment
What is Cartography? The study of map makeing
What is Meteorogy? The study of weather
What is perspective? The way a person looks at something
What is Landscapes? the scenery of a place, including human, physical and cultural features
What is a Formal Region? Has one or more features that make it different from surrounding areas
What is a Functional Region? Is made up of different places that are linked together that function as a unit
What is a Perceptual Region? region that reflects human attitudes and feelings
Who wrote the book Geographia? Ptolemy
What does the geographical element:The World in Spatial Terms, mean? Location: How we define where we are (how many different ways can you defint
What does the geographical element:Places and Regions, mean? Refers tot the different regions of the world such as formal, functional and perceptual
What does the geographical element:Physical Systems, mean? The natural things that shape the earth
What does the geographical element: Human Systems, mean? The way people change the earth
What does the geographical element: Environment and Society, mean? Human Actions toward environment
What does the geographical element: Uses of Geography, mean? Understanding relationships among people, places, and environments
What is Grid? lines that circle the earth in east-west and north-south direction
What are lines of latitude? the lines that run east–west
What are lines of Longitude? lines that run north-south
What are parallels? Another name for lines of Latitude
What are meridians? Another name for lines of Longitude
What is the Equator? The middle most parallel or line of latitude
What is the Prime Meridian The middle most meridian or line of longitude
What city does the Prime Meridian run through? Greenwich, England
What hemispheres does the equator create? The North and South hemispheres
What hemispheres does the Prime Meridan create? The East and West hemispheres
What two hemispheres do you livein The North and the Western Hemispheres
What is a map? A flat representation of the earth's round surface
What is an Atlas? A collection of maps
What is a map Projection? Different ways of projecting the round planet on a flat map
What is a Cylindrical Projection? A map where the cylinder touches the globe only at the equator
What is a Conic Projection? A projection that projection works as if a cone had been wrapped around the globe
What is a Flat Plane Projection? A projection where the map touches the earth a one point
What is the Great-Circle route? The shortest distance between two places on a flat map
What is a Distance Scale? represents real distance in scale form
What is a map legend? Represents the symbols on a map
What is a climate graph? a graph that shows the average temprature of a given place
What is a population pyramid? Shows the growth rate of a country
Created by: Coach Hilton