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End Of Year Exam

sedimentary rock is formed in, what? layers
weathering is the, what? breaking down of rock
weather is the temperature outside, What is climate? what you expect
what are 4 characteristics of water? color, taste, clarity/clear, Salinity
transparent is what? see almost all light to pass through
what moon phase is when the right side is dark, and the left side is light? third quarter
high pitch=? higher sound
low pitch=? lower sound
what moon phase is pitch black? New Moon
the lower the decibel the lower the ? sound
the higher the decibel the ? the higher the sound
list the seasons in order. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
concave light goes ? out
convex light goes in
stored energy is stored in? molecules
how much percent of the earth is covered in water 75%
electric energy consists of ? charged particles
list 3 rapid changes Volcanic eruption, earthquakes, landslides
light energy is energy that can ? be seen
mechanical energy is an object due to its? position or ,motion
solar energy comes from the? sun
energy cannot be or . created or destroed
sound energy is a type of energy caused by? vibrations
fire is and energy. thermal and light
a solution is ? something mixed together
sound is produced by, what ? vibrations
mixtures are ? substances do not dissolve in another
energy makes things, what? move, grow, runs machines.
solid has and . definite shape and volume
liquid has no and . no definite shape and definite volume
gas has and . no definite shape and volume
what is cementing? when the sediments glue together
the scientific process is? ask questions,use charts,make inferences,describe in pics,observe,use apropriate tools,investigate,label,measure,and answer questions
what is a prism? tool that shows the color spectrrum
what is a balance? an instrument used to measure an objects mass
what is a triple beam balance? an instrument used to measure an objects mass
what is a spring scale an instrument used to measure the pull of gravity
what is a hand lense a hand held tool that magnifies objects
how many high tides are in 1 day 2
how many low tides are in 1 day 2
density = mass and volume
less dense = float
more dense= sink
gas = air,helium,
what does melts stand for? mechanical, electrical, light, thermal, sound
closed circuit = on light
open circuit = off light
pitch = the highness or lowness of a sound
compaction = squeezing layers of rock
erosion= when wind, water ice and gravity move pieces of rock and soil