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Science Test

What is texture ? Describing how something feels.
What is odor ? The property of smell.
What is volume ? The amount of space taken up by an object.
What is a solid ? Something that stays the same shape.
What is a liquid ? Something wet that takes the shape of its container.
What is temperature ? How hot or cold something is.
What is gas ? Something in the air.
What is matter ? Everything around us.
What is mass ? The amount of matter in an object.
What are the 3 main slow changes to Earth ? 1. weathering 2. erosion 3. deposition
What are the 3 main fast changes to Earth ? volcanic eruptions earthquakes and landslides
What is physical change ? changes in which the form of shape of the substance changes but the substance keeps its identity.
What is solubility ? the ability of a substance to dissolve when stirred together
What is ice ? The solid state of water.
What comes after the full moon ? waning gibbous
What is the first moon phase ? new moon
What is the third moon phase ? 1 quarter
What is the fifth moon phase ? full moon
What is the seventh moon phase ? 3 quarter
What is the second phase ? waxing crescent
The forth phase is _______ waxing gibbous
The sixth phase is _______ waning gibbous
The eighth phase is _______ waning crescent
What planet do we live on ? Earth
What gives us light to see during the day ? Sun
How many moons does Jupiter have ? 63
What does a dog learn from a human ? To come when they hear the food in their bowl rattle.
How many variable are in a experiment? 1
What is the 1 rock you should know in 5th grade? sedimentary rock.
What is Pluto? A dwarf planet .
What is the hottest planet? Venus
What is first planet? Mercury
What is the forth planet? Mars
What is the 5th planet? jupiter
What is the 6th planet ? Saturn
The 7th planet is _______ Uranus
The 8th planet is ______ Neptune
How many tides do we have in a day ? 4
How many seasons are there ? 4
What is the first season ? winter
What is the second season ? spring
What is the third season ? summer
What is the fourth ? fall
What do you wear on your eyes during an experiment ? goggles
What do you wear to protect your clothes ? apron
What do you wear to protect your hands ? gloves
What is a tool used to take pictures ? camera
What do you write your information in ? notebook
What is a tool used to heat liquid in ? hot plate
What is a device used to measure time ? clock
Created by: iornman