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Final Exam Review 1

Physical Science Final Exam Review Part 1

If you are going to measure the volume of a metal sample, which piece of equipment would you use? a graduated cylinder
Would a 50mL, 25mL, or 5mL graduated cylinder give you the most precise results? 5 mL
If a scientific experiment yields results that are consistent with the expectations of the hypothesis, what should the scientist do with the hypothesis? Accept it
What are the steps of the technological design process in order? Problem identification, design, implementation, evaluation
What is an example of a safety hazard when heating a liquid in a test tube? Looking down the tube to check for boiling
Which factor determines an element's reactivity? the number of electrons given up, accepted, or shared, creating a bond
Which group in the periodic table ions that have an oxidation number of +1? 1
Based on theur position in the periodic table, how would you expect the elements in Group 16 to form ions? by gaining two electrons
What is a chemical property of carbon? reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide
An aluminum bar was found to have a mass of 27 g. Using water displacement, the volume was measured to be 10mL. What is the density of the aluminum? 2.7 g/mL
Which is a heterogeneous mixture? salt water, carbon dioxide, bronze, veggie soup Veggie soup
The kinetic energy of a substance is greatest in which state? plasma
Created by: Domi