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Energy Quiz

What does "energy efficient" mean? Using less energy, and doing the same as another item.
Name 3 ways to save energy. Answers may vary but some include: Insulating the walls, and ceiling, use incandescent light bulbs, and change all appliances to energy efficient ones.
If a brick is sitting on a table, how much potential energy does it have? How much kinetic energy? 100 J potential, 0 J kinetic.
When energy is transferred from object to object, did the energy keep the same form, the whole time? If not, why? No, some of the energy is "lost" in the transfer to heat, sound, and light.
If you are biking on a hill, where would you have the most potential energy? Where would you have the most kinetic energy? You would have the most potential energy on the very top on the hill. You would have the most kinetic energy right after the hill.
You hear someone say that "generators make energy". Is this true? No, energy is never lost or created. Energy can change it's form, but never lost or destroyed.
What energy is called the "graveyard of kinetic energy"? Why? Thermal energy because whenever kinetic energy is used, friction makes heat release thermal energy.
Why is the air close to the fridge warm? The refrigerator lets out it's hot air, to the space around it.
What happens if an air conditioner is used in a house that is not well insulated and sealed? The cold air would escape the house, because their would be nothing keeping it in.
Name 3 renewable energy sources. Answers might include: biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, tidal and wind energy.
Name 2 nonrenewable energy sources. Fossil fuels and nuclear energy.
Using reactivity, which combination of metals would be the best battery? Two metals far away in reactivity, because the farther away, the more energy. Example: magnesium and copper.
What energy efficient features do you have, or could have? Answers might include: better insulation, better windows, better heating and cooling equipment, better water heaters, and better lighting and appliances.
Potential energy Energy that is stored, and has not been used.
Gravitational potential energy When potential energy is due to an object's position above the earth.
Kinetic energy When an object is moving.
Heat Movement of thermal energy from hot to cold.
Temperature The measure of the average energy per molecule of a substance.
Conduction The process by which energy is transferred directly when materials touch.
Insulator Materials the are poor conductors.
Renewable resource One that has a continuing supply, such as sunlight, water, wind, and biomass.
Nonrenewable resource One that has limited supply, such as coal, natural gas, and petroleum.
Electrolyte A material capable of conducting electricity that allows current to flow as it is released from a reaction.
Created by: ifocht078