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Chyle Lacteals
Which of the ff is true of lipase Digest fats
What is the sphincter that allows food to enter the stomach from the esophagus lower esophageal sphincter
Sucrase, maltase and lactase are Disaccharides
Amylase – Digest carbohydrates
This is the rise of most chemical digestion Duodenum
Cholecystokinin regulate the secretion of bile
The pyloric sphincter is located between the duodenum and the structure Stomach
Impaired hepatic function Often cause plasma drug levels to increase to toxic concentration
A paralytic ileus is caused by a cessation of Peristalsis
Which of the following best describes the chewing of food Mechanical digestion
The appendix is attached to this structure Cecum
This is the chief organ of the drug detoxification Liver
The sigmoid is part of the Colon
Peristalsis is due to contraction of the smooth muscle
A drug that blocks vagal activity Slows GI motility reduces GI secretion
The stomach mixes and mashes a bolus of food that is called Chyme
Enamel, dentin, and cementum are related to this structure Tooth
The cystic duct, common bile duct, and hepatic ducts A part of the biliary tree
Which surgical procedure is most likely to cause dumping syndrome Gastrectomy
Which structure prevents gastric reflex Lower esophageal sphincter
This is the site of absorption for most end products of digestion Duodenum
The elimination of gas that is produce during digestion and released from anus Flatulence
This flap of tissue prevents food and water from entering the respiratory passages – Epiglottis
Which of the following does not communicate with the common bile duct Portal Vein
The cecum is part of the Large intestine
What is the most important nerve of the digestive tract Vagus
Which of the following form the large intestine Colon
Which condition is associated with the basenof the esophagus, fundus of the stomach and diaphragm Hiatal hernia
What is the tube that carries food from the pharynx to the stomach Esophagus
The appendix is located in the right upper quadrant
An antacid drug exerts its effect in the Stomach
Deglutition Swallowing
This structure is located between the cecum and the transverse colon Ascending colon
The cecum, colon and the rectum are parts of this structure Large intestine
The word hepatic refers to the liver
Which of the ff refers to the roof of the mouth Palate
Obstruction of the common bile duct causes Jaundice
Emulsification is most associated with this substance bile
Gingiva refers to the Gums
Food moves to the esophagus to stomach
Which enzymes is found in saliva Ptyalin
This organ synthesize clotting factors, stores vitamins, detoxifies drugs, and helps regulate blood glucose Liver
Which of the ff is a digestive system Trypsin
Bile is not found in this structure Pancreas
Pain in the RLQ is most characteristic of Appendicitis
This organ secretes the most potent of the digestive enzymes Pancreas
This organ produces bile and secretes it into the hepatic ducts Liver
Which of the ff structures allow the stomach to expand Rugae
The primary function of this organ is to deliver chime to the duodenum at the proper rate Stomach
Which of the ff is most related to esophageal reflex Pyrosis
Which of the ff best describes why food moves through the digestive system from the mouth toward the anus Peristalsis
Which of the ff is least characteristics of glucose Trypsin
The duodenum Is the site where most digestion and absorption occur
Parotid, sublingual and submandibular refer to Salivary glands
This membrane resembles an apron draped over the abdominal organ Omentum
The liver lobule secretes Bile
This state is caused by the filling of erectile tissue with blood Erection
How is a child with X and Y chromosomes best describe as male
Pyuria is indicative of Infection
A woman us likely to developed a vaginal yeast infection after taking antibiotics because they Alter the normal flora of the vagina
This yellowish watery fluid is secreted by the mammary glands immediately after ddelivery; baby feeds on this until the mother’s milk comes in Colostrum
Which of the ff is most likely to cause sterility in the female Repeated bouts of gonorrhea
Which condition is associated with proteinuria – Glomerular disease
Which of the ff organs involutes ff delivery of baby Uterus
Which of the structure is the major procedure of testosterone Testes
If implantation occurs within the fallopian tube, the pregnancy is describe as Ectopic
This structure is commonly called the bag of waters; it breaks prior to delivery and often signals the onset of the labor Amniotic Sac
Aldosterone Causes sodium and water absorption
Which of the ff is true of the ova and sperm Gametes
Which of the ff is an example of nondisjunction Down syndrome
On what organ is the corpus luteum found Ovary
Which of the ff is caused by prolonged hypotension Oliguria
This coiled structure sits on top of the testes; it is a placed where sperm nature Epididymis
Which of the ff can be detected by a rectal exam an enlarged prostate gland
Which of the ff words best describes the function of the urinary bladder Storage
What is the target of FSH and LH Ovaries
A waste product that is filtered and not reabsorbed Creatinine
Which term refers to the penis and scrotum External genitals
Which of the ff is not plumbing Glomeruli
The zygote Is the fertilized ovum
Which condition is characterized by hematuria and pyuria Cystitis
Which of the ff consists of a midpiece, head and flagellum Sperm
This is a skin- covered muscular region located between the vaginal orifice and the anus Perineum
Which happens first Zygote
This cream-cheese like substance is secreted by baby’s sebaceous glands; it protects her skin from a amniotic fluid Vernix caseosa
This piece of skin, also called the foreskin is removed during circumcision Prepuce
This disc like structure is the site where the fetal and maternal circulations meet; baby eats; Placenta
Which hormone literally means swift birth and initiates labor Oxytocin
Who or what determines the gender of the baby Father
After birth refers primarily to this structure Placenta
A mother to be infected with the rubella virus gives birth to a child w/ multiple birth defects- Congenital
The renal capsule Surrounds the kidneys
The endometrium Is the uterine lining that is most responsive to the hormonal effect of estrogen and progesterone
This word refers to milk production by the mammary gland Lactation
What is the primary secretion of the corpus luteum Progesterone
An elevation of plasma levels of estrogen and progesterone – Prevents the release of FSH and LH
Low level of oxygen stimulate the kidney to secrete this hormone Erythropoietin
This term refers to the movement of sperm and glandular secretions from the testes and genital ducts ito the urethra emission
What is the hormonal basis of the PT Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)
Which of the ff is divided into trimesters Pregnancy
What is the pill that makes it contraceptive Estrogen and progesterone
The embryo refers to the baby from week 3-8weeks
What is the androgen that is necessary for the sperm formation and the development of the male secondary sex characteristics – Testosterone
Renal failure causes anemia because of A lack of erythropoietin
What is detected by a Pap smear Cancer of the cervix
Implantation of the embryo occurs within this organ Uterus
Severing the vas deferens Induces sterility
Where are sperm produced Seminiferous tubules
What is the urine making structure of the kidney Nephron unit
A diuretic causes the excretions of sodium and water in urine
Which structure contains 23 chromosomes Sperm
The cervix is part of this organ Uterus
This structure carries both urine and semen Urethra
The scrotum is a sac located between the thigh and holds the testicles
The seminiferous tubules are tightly coiled structures that produces sperm
Which blood vessels are primarily concerned with re absorption Peritubular capillaries
Which of the ff is true of the ovaries and the testes Gonads
Which structure is the primary secretor of estrogen and progesterone Ovaries
What is the name of the fine, downy hair that covers the fetus Lanugo
What is the major artery that supplies the kidneys Renal
A drug is classified as a diuretic. Most likely drug Blocks the tubular reabsorption of Na+
Menstruation occurs in response to Diminished plasma levels of estrogen and progesterone
The placenta form in this organ Uterus
The myrometrium and endometrium are layers of this structure Uterus
The word voiding refers – Micturition
This hormone promotes the maturation of the egg and helps develop the female characteristics Estrogen
The morula refers to the adorable pre embryonic cluster of cells
Cystitis refer to inflammation of the Urinary bladder