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Processing Chemicals

What is the reducing agent in the developer? hydroquinone and phenidone
Which reducing agent in the developer produces black and white? hydroquinone
Which reducing agent in the developer produces grays? phenidone
Name the activator in the developer that swells the gelatin and makes an alkaline pH? sodium carbonate
Potassium Bromide starter/antifoggant/restrainer in the developer; it decreases the activities of fresh chemicals
This preservative is a buffer that preserves original concentration of the chemicals? sodium sulfite
Hardens the emulsion in the developer gluteraldehyde
Solvent used in both the developer and fixer? water - dissolves the chemicals
What are the four steps in film processing? developer, fixer, washing, dryer
What is the total time of the film processing? 90 seconds
What is the cleaning agent in the fixer? Hypoammonium thiosulfate
What is the purpose of the cleaning agent in the fixer? It removes silver halide crystals that were undeveloped and stops reduction
Acetic acid activator found in the fixer and makes the acid pH and stops reduction
Gluteraldehyde is the hardener found in the fixer that hardens the emulsion. T/F False - Potassium alum is the hardner in the fixer
What preservative is found in both the fixer and the developer? sodium sulfite
What is the purpose of the replenishment tanks? refills the developer and fixer tanks; 100-110 ml per 14" of film
What is the silver recovery unit? mechanism to collect the silver
When is the image manifest? In the developer due to hydroquinone (blacks and whites) and phenidone (produces grays)
It there is an ammonia smell what has happened? mixture of chemicals
What is the purpose of the crossover rollers? takes film from one tank to another
Scwegie rollers takes excess chemicals off of film to prevent contamination
Purpose of splash guards. prevent splashing and mixture of chemicals
What is the purpose of the silver recovery units? economical and ecological
What are the two types of silver recovery units? electrolytic and chemical
Aggitation upon imersion helps to produce ________. uniform development
Why is the water kept at 5-7 degrees lower than the temp of the chemicals? To stabilize the developer
Two purposes of the circulation system. provides agitation and helps to mix the chemicals
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