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lMoarAWL definitions

MoarAWL definitions

verify to make certain that something is accurate and true
sequence the order in which things happen or should happen
evidence material that is presented to show or prove that something else exits or is true
claim a statement you believe to be true; an assertion of something as a fact
excerpt a small part or piece of a longer work
element a particular part of something (such as a situation or activity)
reflect to look back upon
previous existing or happening before the present time
estimate a guess that you make based on the information you have about the size, amount, etc. of something
annotate to supply with critical or explanatory notes; comment upon in notes; to add notes or comments to (a text, book, drawing, etc.)
gist what something is mainly about; the essential part of something
contrast to compare (two people or things) to show how they are different
attribute an inherent characteristic
component one of the parts of something (such as a system or mixture); an important piece of something
cite to mention (something) especially as an example or to support an idea or opinion
resolve find the solution; reach a decision
benefit something that is advantageous or good; an advantage
impact to have an effect on; influence; alter
persist to continue to do something or to try to do something even though it is difficult or other people want you to stop
relevant having a connection with the subject or issue
evaluate to judge or decide the value or condition of (someone or something) in a careful and thoughtful way
reveal to make known; to show or prove that someone or something is a particular type of person or thing
emphasize to stress; single out as important
predict to tell in advance
vary to change or alter; to become different or more diverse
approximate not quite exact or correct
utilize to use (something) for a particular purpose
infer to form (an opinion) from evidence; to reach (a conclusion) based on known facts
Created by: TMoar