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Vocab LA final

these are the 6th grade oxford sadleir level A mixed words for a school final

pathetic Marked by strong emotion, especially pity and sorrow, able to move people emotionally; worth of pity; woefully inadequate
glum depressed, gloomy
skimp to save be thrifty; to be extremely sparing with; to give little attention or effort to.
atrocity an extremely wicked, brutal, or cruel act; something very bad or unpleasent
pry to pull loose with force; to look closely; to be nosey about somehting
taskmaster one whose job it is to assign work to others; one who uses his or her power to make people work harder
dawdle To waste time; to be idle; to spend more time doing something than is nessasry
martial warlike, fond of fighting; relating to war, the army, or military life
enumerate to count; to name one by one, list
indisputable beyond question or argument, definitely true
rummage to search through, investigate the contents of; an active search; a collection of odd items
sanctuary a sacred or holy place; refuge or protection from capture or punishment; a place of refuge or protection
subordinate (adj) lower in rank or position, secondary; (n) one who is 9in a lower position or under the orders of someone else; (v) to put in a seconary or lower position
jovial good-humored, in high spirits; merry
reminisce to recall one's thoughts, feelings, or expirences
mangle to injure very seriously by cutting, tearing, crushing, etc,; to bring to ruin
scant (adj) not enough; barely enough; marked by a small or insufficient amount
posterity all of a person's offspring, descendents; all future generations
minimum the smallest possible amount; the lowest permissable or possible
discretion good judgement; care in speech and action; freedom to judge or choose
dissect to cut apart in preparation of scientific study; to analyze with great care
cope (v) to struggle successfully against; to prove to be a match for, deal with satisfactorily (n) a long religious cloak; a canopy
compact (adj.)closely and firmly pack together; small (v) to squeeze together; (n) an agreement between parties; a small case containing a mirror and face powder; a small car
logical reasonable; making use of reason and good sense
foil to defeat; to keep from gaining some end. (N) a thin sheet of metal; a light fencing sword; a person or thing serving as a contrast to one another
manacle (n)a handcuff, anything that chains or confines (v) to chain or restrain
grit (n) very find sand or gravel; courage in the face of hardship or danger. (v) to grind; to make a grinding sound
supplement (n)something added to complete a thing or make up for a lack; a section added to a book or document (v) to provide such an addition or completion
implement (n) an instrument tool (v) to put into effect
resourceful able to deal promptly and effectively with all sorts of problems
rend to tear to pieces; split violently apart
variable (adj) likely to undergo change; changeable (n) a value or variable that varies a symbol for such
Created by: Oswald123
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