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CNS Stimulants

Chapter 18

A nurse is providing care for a client who is receiving an analeptic drug for respiratory depression. Which interventions would be most appropriate? Observing the client for adverse drug reactions; Monitoring the LOC; Obtaining specimens for arterial blood gas analysis at ordered intervals
A child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is prescribed atomoxetine. What would the nurse assess the child closely for? Suicidal ideation
A nursing instructor is conducting a class about drugs that affect the central nervous system (CNS). The instructor determines that the teaching was successful when the students identify what component of the CNS? Spinal cord; Brain
Prior to administering a CNS stimulant to reverse respiratory depression, what would the nurse need to ensure about the client? Patent airway
A child has been receiving a CNS stimulant for long-term treatment of attention deficient hyperactivity disorder. What would the nurse be especially alert for? Growth; Weight loss
A group of nursing students are reviewing information about CNS stimulants. The students demonstrate understanding of the information when they identity which drug as being used to treat obesity? Phentermine
A nurse is administering a CNS stimulant to a client with narcolepsy. The nurse understands that this drug does not cause cardiac and other systemic stimulatory effects like other CNS stimulants. What drug is the nurse most likely administering? Modafinil
A nursing instructor is describing the effects of CNS stimulants and their potential for addiction due to their euphoric sensations. The discussion was successful when the students identify which of the following as involved with this pleasurable feeling? Dopamine
A nurse is administering an anorexiant. The nurse understands that this drug is used primarily for which purpose? Suppress the appetite
The nurse anticipates the need for which of the following to be administered to a client before, during, and after administration of a CNS stimulant to treat respiratory depression? Oxygen
A client is prescribed an anorexiant at an outpatient visit. The nurse would caution the client about which of the following? Mask extreme fatigue
A client is prescribed doxapram as part of the treatment plan. Which of the following would be most important for the nurse to do when caring for this client? Keep a suction machine nearby; Avoid giving the client coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages; Measure urinary intake and output; Palpate the bladder for distention
The nurse would identify a client with a body mass index of which of the following as appropriate for the use of a prescribed anorexiant? 31 (BMI of 30 or greater)
When administering a prescribed analeptic, the nurse understands that this type of CNS stimulant stimulates which of the following? Respiratory center of the brain; Cardiovascular system
A nurse is reviewing information about anorexiants. The nurse would expect to find that most of these drugs are classified as which pregnancy category? Category X
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