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# BAS Interview Qs

# BAS Interview Questions

What is an EOB? Explanation of Benefits
What do you use the CPT coding book for? Evaluation and Management codes Procedure codes
What is the new coding system? When does it begin? ICD-10-CM (disease) and ICD-10-PCS (Hospital Procedure) Both begin on 10/1/15
What is the name of the software you used? TotalMD
Are you familiar with Microsoft Office? Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, One Note, Access Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, One Note, Access
What is a daysheet? An accounting of all the accounts receivable and accounts payable for one day.
Why are you here?
What is the CMS 1500 form? Can you fill one out? An insurance claim form.
Did you take medical terminology? What did it consist of? Word roots for all body systems. Most common disease/pathololgy terms
What is an HMO? Healthcare Management Organizatiojn Usually has copays Requires a PCP
What is a PPO? This is a preferred provider organization No PCP required Can self refer to specialists Usually higher in cost to an HMO
What does fee-for-service mean? . Doctor charges and is paid a-la-carte. Each service or procedure is charged for
What coding system do you use for Medicare and Medi-Cal when billing for DME? HCPCS – Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System
What do you like about ICD-10-CM
What were the coding topics you covered? Evaluation/Management Procedures in the doctor’s office. Intro to outpatient procedures in hospital (ICD-9-CM, Volume III), Diseases in all body systems, primary diagnosis and coding for symptoms and manifestations
What does RVU stand for? What is an RVU? Relative Value Unit. A payment system for doctors. The RVU is multiplied by a payment amount to determine the doctor’s reimbursement
What is a RBRVU? This is a payment system based upon resources used to treat a patient: i.e. doctors, nurses, equipment, etc.
What is the donut hole? This is a gap between the beginning and ending Medicare Part D coverage. Medicare pays up to a certain dollar amount and then stops until the patient pays the drug coverage to a certain dollar amount. Then Medicare kicks in again.
What is the CPT-4? The same as CPT It is part of the HCPCS coding system
What does HIPAA stand for? What is it? Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act It is a law intended to protect healthcare information (PHI) from being released to anyone other than "covered entities"
What are the Evaluation / Management codes? The amount of work the doctor needs to do to determine the Dx for a disease. It is made up of components that must be considered when making a diagnosis.
Where can you find a laboratory test code? In the Pathology/Lab section of the CPT
What is a 1st Report of Injury A doctor’s first evaluation of a patient who is being considered for worker’s comp.
What is your biggest failing or weakest attribute I can't fly! Turn this into a positive. I am a neat freak! You can also state the obvious-Right now it is a lack of experience but I spend time on AAPC, MLN and other sites to see the practical operations of billing and coding.
How have you been keeping yourself busy? I go to the CMS website and take classes on the MLN network. I like crossword puzzles. I like practicing with my violin! You can tell them the creative things that you do!
You don't have any experience I am educable. Show me what to do and I can do it. I have computer skills, I type 40wpm, and I have used medical billing software. I can use these skills to be a part of your company if given the chance.
Do you have any questions for me? (the interviewer) What goals should I achieve within the 1st three months.
What did you not like about your last job? Avoid answering this! Just say something like this: "I really don't have any misgivings about prior positions. I am the type that realizes patience works best with people.
Created by: rjmtoss
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