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Alegory a tale in verse or prose in wich charactors actions or settings represent abstract ideas or moral qualities
blank verse verse written in iambic pentameter
conotation all emotions and associations that a word or phrase may arouse
elegy a poem of mourning usually over the death of an individual
fable a brief story that is told to present a moral or practicle lesson
Iambic pentamiter a poetic line consisting of five verse feet with ech foot an iamb that is an un stressed followed by a stressed syallable
irony a contrast or an incongruity between what is stated and what is really meant or what is expected to happen actually does happen
kenning in old English poetry an elabrit phrase that describes persons things or events in a metaphorical and indirect way
lyric a poem usually a short one that expresses a speakers personal thoughts or feelings
satire a kind of writing that holds up to ridicule or contempt the weakness and wrong doings of individuals groups institutions or humanity in general
sonnet a 14 lined lyricle poem usually written in rythmed iambic pentameter
suspense the quality of story novel or drama that makes the reader or audience uncertain ot tense about the outcome of events
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