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Analgesic pain relievers that include
Antibiotic substance that kills or inhibits an active bacteria..penicillin, amoxacillin
Antiemetic prevents or relieves nausia or vomitingphenergan..dramamine
Antihistimine- blocks histamine recepters..benedryl..claratin allegra..zyrtec
Decongestant reduces swelling of the resperator tract..sudefed
Mineral a inorganic substance thats pund in earths crust. we need it for regular functioning
Narcotic an addictive drug such as opium
Nonsteroidal-anti inflammatory drug(NSAID) a drug that decreases fever, sweeling, pain.
Steroid a hormone produced by the adrenile cortex..epinepherine
Adverse Reaction a negative consequence of taking a drug
Allergic rxn when your body over reacts to things most normal to average people
Anaphylaxis extreme allergic reaction with the resperatory system and you circulatory system will shut dowm
Controlled substance a drug that has a potential for abuse
Antidote conteract or reverse a poison..anti-venum
Drug Half Life the amount of time it takes for your body to get rid of half of it
Drug Abuse excessive drug use in a way thats not the way a manufacturer intended
Drug Addiction dependence to a drug that can be physical or mental that can result in harm...usually a narcotic
Drug interaction one food alcohol nicotine or drug that alters the way another drug work
Exaberate makes things worse
laxative creates bowel movement
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