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What does SLANT stand for? S- Sit up front L-Lean forward A- Ask Questions N- Nod Your Head T- Talk to teacher
How do you calculate a GPA? change number grades to letter grades, assign points to the letter grade based on the point system, add up all points, divide by the number of classes
What is the point system for calculating GPA? A= 4 points B= 3 points C= 2 points D= 1 point F= 0 points
In order to remain in AVID (and participate in most school activities) what GPA do you need to maintain? 2.0 and higher
What is the purpose of the 6 year academic plan? To plan your academic classes for 7-12 grade to make sure you are on track to get into a 4 year college
Why is student responsibility a major aspect of the AVID program? Students in AVID are accountable for their learning because they know they want to go to college and know it is up to THEM to make it happen
When setting goals, what does GPA stand for? Goal, Plan, Action
What is the purpose of writing action steps? To list out the steps that are needed for you to reach your goal.
Explain the difference between a short range, mid range and long range goals Short range= a few months Mid range= 6 months- 1 year Long range= 1 year or longer
Why is it important to be involved in school and community? To be a well rounded person and to find interests that might develop into a career.
Name a club that promotes leadership in the school. Student Council (also called student government)
What are good public speaking technique? Using visual aids, using the correct tone, volume control and eye contact.
List some examples of non-verbal communication. eye contact, body language, facial expressions, gestures.
How does using prewriting techniques make you a better writer? It helps you organize your thoughts and plan what you want to say and how you want to say it.
The first sentence of a paragraph is called... Topic Sentence
Where would you go to find a synonym of a word? Thesaurus
What are context clues? Hints given that help define a difficult or unusual word.
The Main Idea = _________ + _______ The Topic (central theme) + Authors Point of View
How is the main idea supported? By details
When marking the text you should underline the..... Main Idea
When marking the text you should circle the..... Key words
Explain the difference between a Level 1 and Level 2 question. A level 1 question is usually a fact or information that can be found in a text. A level 2 question requires you to find information and then do something with it (explain it, describe it, compare it, contrast it...)
What makes a level 3 question different than the others? It asks for YOUR input/ opinion.
What is the purpose of collaborating during tutorials? To ask questions of your peers.
A socratic seminar is like a... dialogue/ discussion
A philosophical chair is like a... debate
The purpose of both a socratic seminar and philosophical chair is what? To break down a text.
What is the difference between a philosophical chair and a socratic seminar? A philosophical chair is when you share your opinions and a socratic seminar is when you share and discuss questions you have.
When you collaborate, what are some general rules to keep in mind? You should be respectful, speak kindly, listen to what others have to say and add valuable input.
What is the purpose of keeping an agenda? To organize your assignments and remind yourself of your responsibilities..
The N is CORNELL WAY stands for... Note key ideas and ask questions
What does the SECOND L Stand for in CORNELL WAY? Learning Tool- to use your cornell notes to help you review and study for tests.
When you "link your learning" what are you doing? Writing a summary.
What does the summary answer? The essential question
Name some helpful test taking tips. Study, be prepared, carefully read the directions, pace yourself, scan the test, review your answers. reflect on your test.
When you are on a field trip what is expected of you? To listen, observe, take notes and evaluate.
Created by: MsThornquest
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