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Module Four Review

Review of Module Four concepts and information

What do the Durga chants produce? They help you with courage and fearlessness in the face of negativity; compassion for yourself and others, patience working with change, maintaining a sense of humor, and getting through tough stuff with Earth Mama energy.
True or False: Durga embodies the feminine power of all the gods. True
Parivritta Trikonasana Revolved Triangle Pose
Parivritta Parsvakonasana Revolved Extended Side Angle Pose
Bhradvajasana Twisted Sage Pose
Marichyasana C & D Twisted Sage Poes
What are the benefits of twisting poses? Rejuvinating asanas, brining heat and pressure strategically into the body and assisting in burning off toxins as well as a mental release in the letting go.
What are the principles of a safe twist? Stabilize the pelvis and lengthen the spine. Practice non-violently and be sure to neutralize the spine after with backhanding/forward folding.How
How much time in class should be devoted to the Centering/Warm Up portion of a class? 17%
How much time in class should be devoted to the Middle portion of class where you flow, do standing poses balance and do seated poses, back bends and inversion? 63%
How much time in class should be devoted to the End portion of class where you do any finishing poses and Savaasana? 20%
What is Vinyasa Krama? The wise sequencing of poses in a practice. It involved poses and transitions while maintaining a steady flow of breath. It calls for intelligent sequencing which groups poses that make sense in the way the body moves and flows.
What is an example of a pose naturally follows Warrior 1? Humble Warrior
What are examples of poses that naturally follow Warrior 2? Extended Side Angle, Triangle and Peaceful Warrior
Name a pose that uses the same foot placement as Pyramid Pose. Revolved Triangle.
Which ancient practice leverages ancient intelligence for sequencing? Ashtanga
What is a Pinnacle Pose? A highligt of a class sequence, typically at the apex of the class, related to the theme of the class. The sequence of the class prepares you for success in this pose.
In meditation, what is sleepiness? Half-hearted action with little or no concentration.
In meditation, what is restlessness? The inability to calm the mind.
How do you work with sleepiness? Make it the object of your awareness; try opening your eyes, standing up, mental noting and consciously moving your attention from object to object. Practice Right Aim -" Just this one breath" "Just this one sound" "Just this one step"
How do you work with restlessness? Make it the object of your awareness. Simplify the experience by coming back to your breath, sounds, feeling air on your skin, etc. Try a walking meditation rather than sitting.
In meditation, what is doubt? Lack of conviction or trust
How do you work with doubt? Recognize doubt as doubt; Keep yourself in the process of discovery by giving yourself a timeframe to discover more info; Ensure you are practicing wholesome doubt - try before you buy/sell; not believing everything until you try it yourself.
What is pranayama? Practice of breath control helping to regulate and balance energy.
How is a pranayama practice beneficial at the beginning of a yoga/meditation practice? Helping you establish the witness and to understand the nature of the breath, body and mind as you practice yoga/meditation.
Is pranayama an entitlement or a powerful tool? A powerful tool with foundational work that must be done in order to step into the practice.
How is pranayama beneficial at the end of a yoga/meditation practice? Body tension is diminished and you are more prepared for the deep mindfulness of the practice.
Created by: adyer108
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