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PSY 199

Psychology Data

Development The pattern of movement or change that begins at conception and continues through the human life
Life-span perspective The perspective that development is lifelong, multidimensional, multidirectional, plastic, multidisciplinary, and contextual involves growth, maintenance and regulation, and is constructed through biological, sociocultural, and individual factors working
Traditional Approach Study of development emphasizes extensive change from birth to adolescence. Little or no change in adulthood and decline in old age
Development is life long Mo age period dominates. Increasing study the experiences and psychological orientations of adults at different points in their lives.
Development is Multidimensional
Developmemt is Multidirectional
Development is Plastic The capacity for change
Contex The setting in which development occurs that is influenced by historical, economic, social and cultural factors.
Normative age graded Influences are similar for individuals in a particular age gtoup, These influences include biological processes such as puberty and menopause.
Normative history graded Influences are common to people of a particular generation because of historical circumstances.
Nonnormative life events Are unusual occurrences that have amajor impact on the individual's life.
Biological Processes Produce changes in an individual's physical nature.
Cognitive Processes Change in the individuals thought,intelligence, and language.
Socioemotional Processes Change in the individual's relationships with other people, emotions, and personality.
Prenatal Peroid Time from conception to birth
Infancy Developmental period from birth to 18 or 24 months.
Early childhood Developmental period from the end of infancy to age 5 or 6.
Middle and Late Childhood Developmental period from about 6-11 years of age.
Adolescence Developmental period of transition from childhood to early adulthood starting at about 10-12 years of age and ending at 18-22 years of age.
Early adulthood Developmental period that begins in the late teens or early 20's and last through the 30's
Middle Adulthood Developmental period from about 40 years of age to about 60.
Late Adulthood Develop,emtal period that begins in the 60's or 70's and lasts until death.
Life-span development is termed into how many ages? Four
First Age Childhood and adolescence
Second Age Prime adulthood, 20's through 50's
Third Age Approximately 60 - 79 years of age
Fourth Age Approximately 80 years and older
Chronological age Number of years that have elapsed since birth.
Biological Age A person's age in terms of biological health.
Psychological Age An individual's adaptive capacities compared with those of other individuals of the same chronological age.
Postpartum Period 6 weeks after childbirth
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