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Bushong Ch 1

Radiologic Science

A boulder sitting on top of a mountain is said to possess potential energy
Water and steam are different forms of matter
What is the largest source of natural environmental radiation? radon
What are examples of thermal energy? boiling water, heated eye on a stove
The first discovery of xrays occurred during the exposure of fluorescent material during experiments with a cathode tube, what is this material called? barium platinocyonide
What would be the work done if a force of 200 N is applied over a distance of 15 meters? W=f*d 3000J
The removal of an electron from an atom is called: ionization
What would constitute a source of man made radiation? xrays, CT, fluoroscopy
The person to receive credit for the discovery of x-rays is: William Roentgen
The year 1904 represents an important date in the history of radiography, which of the following applies? Clarence Daly, Edison's assistant, first fatality from radiation
Interpret the following; 600 mA @ 0.003 = 1.8 mAs
Mass is a quantity of matter, and weight is a quantity of matter with respect to gravity
What is the formula for velocity? v=d/t
Matter is a substance of atoms and molecules that occupy space
What are the three cardinal rules of radiography? time, distance, shielding
The ____________, is the unit of radiation used to describe the dose of ionizing radiation received by the technologist (occupational) otherwise known as effective dose. sievert
The basic quantities measured in mechanics are: length mass and time
What was the device Roentgen was using when he discovered x-rays? Crookes tube
Two objects of equal mass, must also have equal: energy
The Coolidge tube, a vacuum type x-ray tube was used along with the ________________ to provide more control over technical factors ( mAs & kVp) Snook transformer
X-ray tube voltages are measured in kVp
What is 98 degrees Fahrenheit converted to in degrees Celsius? 36.6
What helps to minimize radiation exposure X-ray beam filtration, x-ray beam collimation, protective apparel and barriers, fluoroscopic cumulative timer, and the protective tube housing.
Created by: lkdickson