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Bushong Ch 3

Electromagnetic Energy

The four properties of photons are: velocity, amplitude, frequency and wavelength
What would be termed as the smallest quantity of any type of electromagnetic radiation? photon
Which of the following would be the velocity of all electromagnetic radiation? the speed of light
The rise and fall of a sine wave with respect to time is called amplitude
Cycles per second is a unit for ____________ and is measured in ___________. frequency, Hertz
If the wavelength of a beam of electromagnetic radiation increases by a factor of 2, then its frequency must: decrease
The reduction of radiation intensity due to absorption and scattering is called _________. attenuation
The intensity of radiation on an object is reduced with distance because the radiation spread out over a greater area
What has the ability to ionize matter xrays and gamma rays
The diagnostic range of x-ray energy is 69.5kEv
The energy of a photon is directly proportional to its frequency
X-rays are indentified by their energy
Where is gamma produced? nucleus of a radioactive atom
Photons tend to interact with matter __________ their wavelength easily when its approximately the same size as
Photons with the highest frequencies have the shorter wavelengths
The terms "translucent", and "refraction" are associated with the _________ spectrum electomagnetic
The wavelength of white light is altered as it passes through a prism, this processed is called refraction
The only difference between x-ray and gamma rays is their origin
True or False: Visible light can interact with matter in one or more of the following ways: reflected, absorbed, attenuated, and/or, transmitted. false
The inverse square law relates to intensity and distance
The "E" in the formula E=mc2 stands for Energy(J)
This physicist developed a theory based on the relationship between energy and frequency being that they are directly proportionate in nature. This constant of proportionality is called: Planck's constant
The "maximum height of the peaks or valleys (in either direction) from zero", defines which of the four properties of photons? amplitude
Which portion of the electromagnetic spectrum can be seen and sensed by humans visible light
The equation for quantum mechanics was developed by E=hf Maxwell Planck
T or F: Xradiation is artificially generated true
The inverse square law states that intensity will vary as what power of the distance second (squared)
What happens to wavelength as frequency decreases it increases
What is differential absorption the product of absorption, transmission and scatter
Which end of the electromagnetic spectrum will act more like waves the low end
Which end of the electromagnetic spectrum will act more like particles the high end
Structures that transmit xrays without altering the path of most of the photons is radiopaque
Electromagnetic energy is a combination of both electric and magnetic fields_____________ from/to one another in sinusoidal fashion perpendicular
Describe the amplitude of the sine wave zero to maximum
What energies on the electromagnetic spectrum have the ability to ionize matter xrays and gamma rays
The inverse square law relates to intensity and distance
Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum can be seen by humans visible light
An xray can be seen as two sine waves which run perpendicular to each other. What do the sine waves represent the electric and magnetic fields
The grouping of energies with ranging frequencies and wavelengths electromagnetic spectrum
Frequency refers to the number of waves that go by a specific point in one__________ second
What is the term used to describe the lowest point of a wave valley
The distance between similar points on a sine wave wavelength
The deviation of course that occurs when photon of visible light traveling in straight lines pass from one transparent medium to another refraction
What are the two types of visible light infrared and ultraviolet
T or F: Infrared energy is higher than ultraviolet false
Example of radiopaque bone
Example of radiolucent tissue
Example of translucent frosted glass
Example of transparent window glass
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