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Lumbosacral Spine

Study Questions

How many vertebrae are there in the sacrum? 5 fused
An abnormally increased concavity of the lumbar spine is termed lordosis
The short ,thick processes that project posteriorly from each side of a vertebral body are called: pedicles
The zygapophyseal joints of the lumbar spine form an angle of how many degrees from the posterior midsagittal plane? 30-60
The intervertebral foramina of the superior four lumbar vertebrae are situated at how many degrees from the midsagittal plane? 90
The condition of the lumbar spine in which there is anterior displacement of one vertebra over another is termed spondylolisthesis
On each side of the sacral base is a large wing-like mass called the: ala
The angle of articulation between the sacrum and the ilia (the sacroiliac joints) is: 25-30 degrees
What should be performed to reduce the lordotic curveature of the lumbar spine for the AP projection? flex the knees and hips
Where is the CR directed for an AP lumbosacral spine? iliac crests
The phase of respiration for an AP projection of the lumbar spine is: suspend at the end of expiration
Which plane is placed perpendicular to the tabletop and centered to the midline of the grid/IR for a lateral lumbar spine? midcoronal
While performing a lateral projection of the L5-S1 LS junction, the patient has a large waist, what would you do to ensure the CR passes parallel through the L5-S1 joint space? direct the CR a few degrees cephalad to compensate
If the lumbar spine cannot be adjusted so it is horizontal for the lateral projection, the CR should be angled how many degrees and in which direction: 5 for men, 8 for women caudad
Which of the following describes the central ray centering point for the L5-S1 lateral projection? 2 inches posterior to the ASIS and 1.5 inches below the iliac crests
What specific set of zygapophyseal joints is demonstrated in the RAO position? left, upside
How many degrees is the body rotated for the AP oblique projection of the sacroiliac joint? 25-30
defined as: malignancy involving the bone marrow multiple myeloma
Which positions are most commonly used to evaluate for motion in the area of interest following spinal fusion surgery? Lateral with hyperflexion and hyperextension
What is the term given to the superior surface of the sacrum base
On a radiograph of a well positioned oblique lumbar spine, you should see which of the following? Scotty dogs L1-L4
The coccyx bone in the adult is described as the following 3-5 rudimentary vertebrae which fuse into 1 bone 3-5 rudimentary vertebrae which fuse into 1 bone
A radiograph of a posterior oblique (LPO) reveals that the downside pedicles and zygapophyseal joints are projected over the posterior portion of the vertebral bodies of L1-L4. Which specific positioning error is evident here? patient is over rotated
A radiograph of an AP axial coccyx reveals that the symphysis pubis is superimposed over the tip of the coccyx? What would you do to correct for this? increase the caudad angle
What is the term given to the inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis condition that is most common in males in their 30's? ankylosing spondylitis
The symphysis pubis is at the same level as which of the following structures tip of the coccyx
The nose of the scotty dog corresponds to what structure of the lumbar vertebrae? transverse process
The eye of the scotty dog corresponds to what structure on the vertebrae? pedicles
The Ferguson Method for scoliosis is performed with the patient supine. True or False false
The body rotation required to visualize the lumbar zygagpophyseal joint varies depending upon what level is being observed. True or False true
A study is being performed on a child for scoliosis, the technologist could place the child PA to avoid any unnecessary exposure to the gonadal region and breasts. True or False true
What is the condition which is characterized by thick, soft bone marked by bowing and fractures. Paget's disease
The respiration instructions for radiography of the lumbar spine are suspend at the end of expiration
In the AP oblique projection, RPO position, which of the following are demonstrated: Zygapophyseal joints of the side closest to the IR (right side)
Would it be possible to provide an optimal image of an AP axial of the sacrum and coccyx using one exposure? no
When imaging the body to see the right sacroilac joint, you would rotate the patient __________ degrees toward the patient's ___________ side. 25-30, left
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