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Journeyman EPME

USCG EPME TEST Journeyman E-5-E7

Vice Admirals are in charge of districts False
Rear admirals are in charge of ______ and _____ Districts and Maintainance and Logistic Commands (MLC)
Which of these is not under control of a District. 1.Air Station Elizabeth City 2.CGC Chock 3.Sector Hampton Roads 4. USCGC Legare (WMEC) 4.USCGC LEGARE
Which of the following is a headquarters unit.1. Finance Center; Chesapeake VA2. USCG Dilligence 3. Sectory LA/LB 4. Pacific Strike Team Finance Center Chesapeake VA
How many Headquarters units report directiy to USCG HQ? 35
Activities Europe is responsible to? 1. Vice Commandant 2. Chief of Staff 3. G-MOR 4. Commandant Commandant
This cutter fired the first shots of the civil war. 1. Eagle 2. Middlesex 3. Tampa 4. Harriet Lane Harriet Lane
The Revenue Cutter service was authorized by?1. Thomas Jefferson 2. Alexander Hamilton 3. Joshua James 4.Sumner L. Kimball Alexander Hamilton
Who was the first Master Chief Petty Officer of the USCG (E-10)1. Pearl Faurie 2. Charles L. Calhoun 3. Donald H. Horsley 4. Alex Haley Charles L . Calhoun
Which coast guard member was awarded the Medal of Honor and the Gold Lifesaving medal.1. Douglas Monroe2. Marcus A. Hannah3. Joshua James4.Ida Lewis Marcus A. Hannah
Who saved more than 600 lives?1. Frederick Hatch2. Alex haley3. Joshua James4. Ida Lewis Joshua James
The USCG created the position of chief Journalist for ________ Alex Haley
How long does a supervisor have to cousel a memeber after the Approving Offical has completed their actions. not later than 30 Days following the employee review period end date.
EMI can last ________ Hours 2 hours
An APS cannot perform which duties CDAR Duties
Which mishap must be reported1. Reservist not on active duty killed in car wreck. 2. Civilian electrocuted on base 3. Visitor injured while touring cutter.4. CG member off duty breaks arm Reservist not on active duty killed in car wreck.
Antabuse is a ______________________________ Nontoxic drug that intereferes when the body metabolizes alcohol.
Members involved in an alcohol situations not considered alcohol incidents are to be___________________ Couseled concerning their abuse of alcohol and informed of the conduct expected of members of the coast guard.
What form is used to document counseling in a members PDR after an alcohol situation? CG-3307
A member should be screened after their _____ alcohol incident First
To qualify for the USCG academy applicants must be between the ages of ______and______. 18 and 22
This program allows selected enlisted personnel to attend college on a full time basis for up to 2 years with a goal of qualifying to attend OCS. Pre-Commissioning Program (PPEP)
A supervisor who is a first class petty officer designated as __________ does not have to be 1 pay grade senior to the evaluee. Executive Petty Officer
A completed employee review must be routed to the ________ Marking Official
Being late to work once can be classified as an adverse remarks entry. False
Supporting remarks are required for all E6's and above True
A member can appeal an approving Officials decision of not reccomended for advancement. False
A member who is finacially irresponsible must be marked as unsatisfactory conduct true
Semi Annual reviews mid-point is ______ Days 92
Annual Reviews mid-point is _____ Days 184
Reserves Reviews mid-point _____ Drill periods 19
Member counseling reports are obtained from the electronic ______ on the Intranet. EERS
When talking with an at-risk person you should1. Avoid making small talk2. Avoid eye contact3. avoid making judgements4. Avoid making jokes avoid making judgements
The _________ is the source of all rating course material. USCG institute
Resident training courses or "C" schools have a ________ Specific start and end date
Non resident training is _________ Self paced, completed when time is availible, may or may not have a completion date.
An example of a non resident training course is?1. MST A School2. OS1 3 USCG Weather School4. Surfmans school OS1
A summery of action is not required for the CG Achievement and CG Commendation Medals but is required for the ________________ Meritorious Service Medal
An officer Candidate must be between A. 19-24 years B.19-28 years C. 21-26 years D.19-30 Years C. 21-26 years of age
True or false you can be married with dependents and go to the USCG Academy? False applicants to the USCG Academy must be unmarried and have no dependents
You must be between A.)17-22 B.)18-22 C.)18-24 D.)18-26 to attend the USCG Academy B. You must be between 18-22 to attend the USCG Academy
A __________ can be designated as a supervisor by a command? A First Class Petty Officer
True or False an executive petty officer has to be one pay grade senior to the person he or she is evaluating? False a Supervisor who is a first class petty officer, designated as Executive Petty Officer does not have to be 1 paygrade senior to the evaluee.
True or False Artificer(Engine room force) is a branch availible to Auxiliarists? True 5 Branches are availible to Auxiliarists. Seaman, Artificer(Radio), Artificer (Engine Room Force), Aviation, and Special Branch.
Which Master Chief's Career spanned Over 44 years and 3 wars? A. Sonia Colon B. Charles C. Calhoon C. Donald Horsley D. Alex Haley C. BMMCPO Donald H. Horsley served active duty for 44 years four months and 27 days. His Career spanned 3 wars and he saw Service onboard 34 vessels. BMMCPO Horsely retired in 1987.
The Member Counseling Report is obtained from A. LAMS B. ALOHA C. EERS D. Direct Access C. EERS
True or false a supervisor can be and Approving Official? False
Created by: maddrjeffe
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