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week four drugs

week four 31-40

brandgeneric Classification Indication
Vyvanse Lisdexamfetamine cerebral stimulant treatment of ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Suboxone buprenorphine analgesic narcotic injectable used for moderate to serve major pain
seroquel quetiapine atypical anti-psychotic mangement of schizophrenia acute bipolar disorder major depression
Zetia ezetimibe antilipemic cholesterol absorption treatment of hypercholesterotemia
Ritalin Methylphenidate ER treatment for marcolepsy and children with ADHD
Androgel testosterone androgen anabolic steroid treatment of pospartum androgen replacement therapy delayed puberty
Incivek telaprevir antiviral antihepatits agent treatment of chronic hepatits c ribavirin
Diovan HCT valsartan antihypertensive treats high blood pressure strokes heart attacks and kidney problems
Avonex interferon biological response modifier relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
Lucentis ranibizumab cascular endothelial growth factor- directed antibody treats wet aged macular degeneration
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